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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was a sunny morning, no sign of clouds, a cool breeze just waiting for me to step outside and feel it, start of the week, just one glitch... It was my first day at my new school!
It just had to be the first day..., I throw my blanket aside and get up, trying to wake myself up from my dream while still being half asleep. I jump onto to the floor  like a zombie leaving my bed still untidy, and walk towards the bathroom. After I brush my teeth, I get ready and put on my school uniform which is a really cute one! but I need to snap out of it if I am ever going to reach school in time.
After dressing up I leave my room to just come back to my senses that... I have my brothers and my sister at that school too... I let out a huge sigh with my head down in depression, while trying to get the cheerful me back since it is a new school year, I don't want it turn out bad...
I walk towards the dinning table to find my cute younger sister, Amy, already there eating her breakfast, bread with egg and bacon.

"Goof bornfinh bib! fome mon! be bare fonna fe bate!" she calls out to me while still having her bread in her mouth, she just mixed up all her words... it sounds like gibberish... let me translate... she just said 'good morning sis! come on! we are gonna be late!'...

"Eat first, then talk you dummy" I walk over to her and hit on her head softly, looking down on her making my statement clear to her before I sit down on my seat and start to eat my breakfast. I just came to realization to where my brothers are, I ask Amy before she drinks her milk and choke while I'm asking her.

"Where are they?" I ask her,
"They who sis?" she said with no hint of concern.
"wow... so you just forgot your brothers ever existed right?" I asked her sarcastically with a hint of annoyance on my face.
"brothers? wait, they haven't woke up yet?!" she suddenly stood up while banging the dinning table as she stood up.
"Welcome back to reality" I said  as I was eating my breakfast with no hint of concern.
"then we should wake them up! come on sis!" she pulls arm hard making me to fall off my chair.
"You idiot!! I'm eating here!!" I wave my bread at her with annoyance and anger on my face.
"There's no need of breakfast right now! we must wake them up!" she pulls my arm while dragging me along with her to my brothers's room, and as we know, they were still sleeping...

I put my breakfast on their study-table and go to check on the alarm on their mobiles just to find that they had switched it off...
Anger just rushed up my body as I grabbed the blanket of our eldest brother and pulled it hard enough to make him fall on the ground as he did.

I flick my finger on his forehead as he was whining on how I shouldn't have pulled his blanket,
"get up you idiot, its 6 am" I say to him with my arms crossed,
"what... you didn't have to do that though!"
"So... instead of this, the next time I'll bring a frying pan with oil that is still burning hot and I'll bang it on your face or I'll just bring boiling hot water and pour all over you, that would be less painful right?" I glare at him hard which made him flinch.

"Amy, go wake up the others, I'll tell Mom not to give our brothers any lunch as a punishment. I glare at them hard before leaving to the kitchen
I go to the kitchen and tell her not to give any lunch as a punishment for waking up late, she just giggles and agrees. I go back to the living room to find that my breakfast isn't there. I remembered that my breakfast is in my brothers's room.

I walk in to my brothers's room to find them all dressed up and ready.

"Now go to the living room, mom has prepared something special for you guys" I smile at them, as they look at each other and smile back at me

"sure sis" The eldest walks over to me and kisses my cheek before leaving the room, and so does the rest.

They all walk to the dining table, Mom was setting their breakfast when they arrived. Their faces were like hungry puppies, they were just so cute!

After they finished eating, Amy just burst out saying "Let's go! we are gonna get late! Its 6:30 am!" I look at her then at my brothers signalling to wait for a few minutes, I look up at the clock to see what time it is to find it is 6:30 am indeed.
I signal to my brothers and Amy that we should get going, and they some how received the signal. We told our mom and dad that we are going and they waved us good bye.

We were now walking on the street to our new school. I was playing with one of the small rocks that rolled down the street by kicking it and Amy found one for herself too. I stopped when I heard Daniel say
"Stop Leia! Amy! we have reached our school!"

When I turned around to look at them, I found myself and Amy at least 30 feet away from them.

"How did we reach this far?!" said Amy with a shocked expression.

"Its simple silly, with our feet" I giggled at her and walked towards our school

I heard her grumble behind me "Of course I know that! I'm not that stupid!" she pouted

She was just too cute to ignore, I just patted her head with a smile when I just got interrupted by Ryan

"Come on girls! you shouldn't get late now!" He had a goofy smile on.

"Yea Amy! sis! hurry up!" shouted Evan and Aiden with wide smiles on

"Come on, we should get going" said Daniel, smirking while adjusting his glasses.

"We are coming!" I held Amy's hand and ran towards the school but in a pace that Amy can catch up.

When we arrived at the school gate we all thought to ourselves 'what a huge school...'

I snapped myself from my day dream "come on, daydreaming is not gonna help!"

All of us giggled and smiled as we entered the school, entering a new world, a normal world...
Or maybe not?


  1. Uniform, polished shoes, books makes the school going saga painful..but when it is accompanied with lunch box, good friends, siblings that would be a full circle.. good going..keep it going..Super

  2. Its a good narration, but the story line should be in past perfect.
    I suggest, dont post by direct typing on the blog post window, type on word, save as files and correct the script before posting it.
    Keep building your word power and take all suggestions by your blog followers (almost all are highly educated and learned) positively and seriously.
    Good Luck Betoo