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Prologue of "Crystal Wings"

Hello everyone and I'm really sorry about the late update. I've decided on trying to make my three core genres in writing improve and the three genres are Comedy, Drama and Mystery. With this said, I'll be making a new novel which will be helped by two of my friends who will be my editors and it's because of them that the title and the story was made. I'll be using their idea (credits on the main overall idea go to them) and making their story. Hopefully, my grammar would have improved and slightly better than the sloppy stories I did before. So I present to you, "Crystal Wings" Prologue!

Genres: Drama, Mystery and slight Comedy
Age Rating: 13+
Author: Suraiya Noor Fathima
Editors: Oumniya Ayoob and Reem.


11 years ago.

The glass made sound as the rain started to pour heavier. Paper sheets got crumbled by the force of my father's hands. The dough got flatter with each blow my mother landed on it. The cries of my sister go unheard in this large mansion. I looked around; my mother then my father, but none of them reacted to the sad weeping sounds of my other half. I sat there, near the window covered with droplets. My eyes looked beyond our garden and into the streets where children played. While my eyes were focused on those children, my mind was somewhere else. The place where my sister laid was stuck like glue to my memories. I turned in swift movement and looked in the direction of the stairs which led to her room. 

I jumped down from my couch and headed towards those stairs. The rain kept pouring with each step I took. My eyes scanned the place where my mom stood, not wanting her to run and get me back down. My right hand swiftly moved the bangs which covered my eyes, allowing me to see the way I was walking. The stairs seems to be never ending. My fears coming back to me but I just shunned them away. My sister was more important to me and yet my small hand never reached her. Her pale skin matched her complexion but her eyes which were dyed in the most beautiful blue color showed no emotion.

The paintings in my house were quite the odd ones if you ask me. Some were of tragedy while some were of happiness. But the weird thing is, my sister's room had all the tragedy ones and I had all the happy ones. I wonder if it's just a coincidence but my heart said otherwise. As I walked towards her room, I noticed the paintings in the corridor that led to the said person's room. As I expected, all of them had death scenes in them. I roughly scanned them, trying to get an idea of what the scene represented and what it exactly meant. 'Weird…' I thought as I continued with my normal stride. I did happen to cross some disturbing ones, but I didn't stare at them for long.

'Sister's room… sister's room…' I thought as I kept searching for her room in this 4 year old body of mine. With much effort, I was able to find her room. My hand hovered over the door handle with doubt. Her emotionless eyes scared me sometimes but she was my sister; a sister who will always be there for me. And yet, my small hands went numb for a second. The person inside flung the door open and stood there, staring at my face with a cold smile. My thoughts all but disappeared. I wanted to tell how much I missed her but I couldn't say anything. All the words got stuck in my throat and I began to sweat. She wasn't like this before, it was only today. My head dropped immediately; hiding my face from her. She kept staring but without a smile, Not at all amused by my actions.

"H-How A-Are Y-You..?" I stuttered and mentally cursed myself at what I was saying. I clenched my hands with a tight grip. My head still down; being unable to face her.

She looked at me for a while and smiled after a moment's pause. "Come in Maria. Don't just stand there outside! Why don't we play with my tea set?" She suggested, throwing a smile at me as she opened the door wide enough for me to enter.

My head looked at her with an excited expression and she smiled back at me. "Thank you!" I exclaimed and entered the room which my parents forbade me to enter. The room was beautifully decorated but the paintings still caught my eye but I shook my head and forget about their presence. I just wanted to sit down and have some tea with a sister I loved. I don't remember if it was bad or anything as outrageous as that.

"I'm fine, thank you for asking!" She replied with a jolly voice. I looked at her as she gestured for me to take the tea cup in her hand. I accepted her seemingly innocent approach and made myself seem comfortable in her presence.

She looked at me for a moment before taking another sip from her tea-less cup. "So how are you?" She asked me; her smile which turned slightly sinister.  "Good~ I'm having fun everyday~" My answer was jolly; unaffected by her silent glare.

"You are having fun, eh?" She said. Taking another sip and looking at me with demanding eyes.

"Huh?" I questioned her; confused by her question.

"Getting pampered by mom and dad so much… I'm so jealous…~" She said with a light tone which clearly hinted that something was wrong.

"P-Pampered? I-I'm n-not getting p-pampered at all!" I snapped but tried to stay calm.


"What? B-but..."

"I said leave."

"Sister! Listen to me!"

We started to argue. Me on one side, trying to convince her and her on another side, insisting on me leaving.
"You are like them. The same selfish minds."

The rain outside started getting heavier and heavier and thunder could be heard loud and clear.

"Leave now. Mom, Dad and You. All same. You left my side. You ignored me. My trust."

She looked at me with the pair of eyes I could never forget no matter how hard I tried. Thunder struck at the precise moment that lightning struck. Her words got emphasized by nature's fury. I couldn't remember anything after she said those two words. Everything sounded fuzzy and my eye sight blurred. After that, I couldn't remember anything related to her. I wanted to forget forever. But those words still remain in my heart and questions remain unanswered. In that room where thunder and lightning struck at the same time, her figure illuminated by the light and the paintings that made that sentence even worse added a huge effect to my life. No one knew, neither did I, that after that, I would be scarred for life. 

"You’re a betrayer."



Chapter 7: Time to execute the plan!

Note: Hello every one!! I so sorry for the extremely late delay! I have the other chapters but need to complete them, I'll post them tomorrow, till then, please bear with me!

My eyes start to swirl around as I got up from my afternoon nap. My dream which lasted just moments was too hard to let go, but duty was calling. Still half asleep; I opened the drawer that was beside our couch to take out the planning sheets for the event. Oddly, the drawer that was supposed to be far by an arm’s length suddenly seemed to be too close to my face. I blinked with questioning eyes; scanning the situation which was laid in front of me. I turned my head towards the ceiling while trying to get an idea of where I was sleeping. Good, or odd enough, I was sleeping on the floor. Eye brows narrowed and face twitching, I tried to calm myself down and get up from my weird sleeping position.

“Why don’t you sleep in the bedroom from now on?” A voice came from the shadows and a tall figure slowly bent over to analyze my peculiar but familiar sleeping state. A shiny silver spoon glistened which created a small shadow over my right eye.

“You’re blocking it.” I grumbled while I kept my feet down and gradually got up.

“Time to get up, lazy bum.” Ryan called out while wearing his usual uniform; an apron and a chef’s hat.

I stared at him after I sat up straight, looking at him with curious eyes which starred into the situation. After a while, a smirk slowly got glued to my face.

“What’s with that grin?” Ryan asked with his eyebrows twitching and while taking a few cautious steps back to ensure his safety.

“Who ever that marries you will be getting cuisine for meals.” I said with a grin pasted to my face.

“Huh?” Ryan asked with a hint of annoyance.

“But he is a guy!” Evan said while sitting beside me.

"But it would be better if he was a girl...." Aiden said, catching on my act.

The 3 of us, Aiden, Evan as well as myself, tilted their heads to the left with our arms folded and said in a singsong tone with a sigh given at the end. "If only you were born a girl~"

Ryan, who was finally annoyed, took out his spoon that he was using to stir the soup he made and chased until we were serious on getting a place to hide till the beast had subsided. After a while, the said boy went to the kitchen and continued his cookery without him noticing us who crawled all the way from our hiding place to the living room.

We all sighed in relief when we reached our fortress which is the safest place for us. I took a glance towards the corner of our corridor that leads to our kitchen with sweat drops slowly running down my back.

"We're safe... for now..." I said and made the expression of a lifeless body. Aiden and Evan did the same and flopped on the sofa as their energy had drained.

"Next time, choose your victim wisely?" Daniel said as his glasses reflected the light which was sent from our light bulb. I rubbed my injured eyes and tried to get up as my energy was eaten up trying to plan the all-day event.

"Yeah, Yeah...." I said, grabbing the planning sheets from Daniel and settling down to write the actual plan. The twins looked at me with curious eyes as they had no clue what I was up to. Actually, nothing popped in my mind. No special ideas, no collisions happening in my brain, no nothing! So right now I'm trying to cook something with no ingredients except air.

Evan slowly droops down on my papers, trying to get a glimpse of my progress. His eyes was focused on the papers but didn't notice that I already saw him through the corner of my eye.

"Oi oi! no peeking!" I said, taking the papers to my side and not allowing him to look at it anymore.

"What peeking? You haven't even started!" Evan said, he was as loud as... I don't know, an elephant?

I looked at Evan in protest, not wanting to give in to his obvious answer which hit the nail on my head. After a while, me and Evan had already got into a staring competition type of mode where I'm trying to prove my innocence and where Evan is winning, flawlessly. I don't know any other word that can describe his grin right now... It's way too... big?

After our staring competition in which I lost (without a doubt), a light bulb shone above me. I finally got an Idea for the event! I was lost in thought at how fast I was after my bulb shone and finally decided to write it down. My speeding hand and my pencil's lead which refused to touch the surface of the paper made me really angry. I somehow, just somehow, wrote the plans. I don't know how though. The twins looked at me in amazement, refusing to believe the miracle that happened. Daniel, who looked pretty contented with my performance, simply sat down and sipped his green tea. Ryan, the beast who had finally calmed down-ahem- I mean, our sweet brother who had made snacks for us walked up to me and gave what he would call a "brotherly pat" on my shoulder. I wouldn't call it a "brotherly" pat... I would rather call it a ... "killer' pat... Anyway! back to reality!

"Show us! we wanna see!" Aiden squeaked, wanting to know what I wrote in my planning sheets.

"Wait till tomorrow, you will know then." I said with a grin on my face.

I went to my room and kept the planning sheets in my drawer which had a lock on it so I could keep my important things. The key was inserted in the key hole and gave out an assuring 'click' sound which told me that the drawer is locked. I slowly gave out a sigh of relief and turned around to head towards my bed. My vision started to blur again as my eyes was shut tight. Before I knew it, it was morning.

-That morning (the next day) at recess-

Sabrina's shadow slowly loomed over me as I was eating my food. I looked up at her with no clue of why she had that fierce expression. Suddenly, she took-ahem-stole my chair from me which led me to fall on the ground. She then slyly took my lunch and started to munch on it leaving me on  the floor trying to get up.

"Oi!!! what was that for?!?" I shouted after I got up and got really close to her face.

"It's called a 'punishment'." She said, emphasizing the word 'punishment'.

"Punishment my foot!! Now cut to the chase already!!" I screamed in her face having lost my patience.

"Where are the sheets?"

"Sheets? what?"

"You know what I'm talking about."

"And you know when I say 'Cut to the chase' you dumb head!!!" I yelled, this time at the top of my voice. Sabrina squeaked because I haven't ever been this angry in front of her while the twins keep munching their lunch.

"Okay okay!! I'm asking where the plan is!" She said. A voice came out later to reveal 4 others who were as curious as Sabrina.

"Where is it?"
"Is it done?"
"You can get help from us, you know."
"thanks for your hard work!"

"Okay okay, sit down, I'll explain." I said and everybody sat down with eager faces on.

"So, listen up! Here the plan. First we need the choices or plans of what all the classes are gonna do, this is the first stage of the event. And since I asked class rep to tell us what we are doing as a class, we don't need to worry about it anymore, so don't worry about our class, worry about the costume. It's because we will be doing a gender-bender cafe. Everyone of the girls will dress up as boys and vise-versa. The second is where we come in. The first half of the day, is for guests. It's only going to last a couple of hours. But from 3pm to late night is only for students. In this time period, we have the ball between 6pm to 8pm, concerts, games which includes the beauty contest or best couple contest and plays from 3pm onwards. The all-day game is a secret for now since I still need to discuss about it with the principal. From 8pm onwards is barbecue time!! So... how is it?" I end my plans with a huge smile on my face.

Everyone looked at me with amazement in their eyes, knowing that this is just 3/4 of the plan I created and its just brief on top of it.

"Amazing Leia!"
"So this was what you were writing yesterday..."
"Its great though!"
"I knew this genius would get something in that amazing head of hers!"
"So lucky~ we get so much~"
"You are one hyper person, aren't you?"

As we were laughing and having fun, we didn't realize the sound of a camera recording us the whole time...

"Done! just wait and see Leia, you picked on the wrong girl..." A voice snickered in the shadows without our notice.  

"Just you wait and see...
When you see...
Your friends...
Cut in half...
with blood all over...
And we...
The Students of GREENVILLE HIGH...
will finally be the VICTOR..."

Just who was that? Taking a video of them?
What will happen to them?
Who is the secret spy?
Stay tuned to find out!


Chapter 6: What's the plan, Captain?

Note: I don't know whether this is long enough or not but still... voila! I behold to you our latest chapter! ^w^ 

“Let’s party all night!!” shouted Sabrina with her hands up in the air. She is pretty excited just by hearing the word ‘party’.

“Hold it gurl, it ain’t summer vacation yet, it’s still April. Besides, what party are you talking about anyway?” Asked Shymaa. She was eating her banana while stretching her feet. She wasn’t that interested since if it was Sabrina, it would always mean something fishy.

“We can do a get together,” I suggested while taking a piece of offered banana. It seemed a party is sort of, fishy.

“A get together sounds good!” A hyper voice came out to reveal  Zayan, our little champion. She sits on my desk after taking my permission and offered me some chocolate biscuits. Her attitude is a sweet and kind one; I don’t think anyone would hate her. But people are really… hmm… surprising sometimes, so you can’t rule her out of the picture.

I chuckled and started chit-chatting with Shymaa; our discussions were mostly upon how the day before was, what happened, anything interesting, some juicy information to collect, boys of course! Teehee and how we were going manage Sabrina for today. We would discuss about more things but we can’t just chit-chat to ourselves, we had our friends too!

As me and Shymaa were talking, some whispers in the room emerged. People started talking when a certain boy told everyone that two of our classmates had engaged themselves in a fight between our opponent school; Greenville English High. Those bastards think they are topnotch and fight with our school due to our famous reputation of being the best school in the area. I think they are just jealous and don’t have anything to do so they come here to kill time.

“Those flies are back again?” Sabrina said. She let out a huge sigh knowing that we might have to go through this turmoil for the 3rd year in a row. I haven’t been in a battle or whatever with them but I guess this is the starting line.

Whispers became increasingly more as, “Guys! Listen up! It was Walker and Kalsi that got into that fight!” that sentence was announced by the same boy.

Everyone looked at each other in worry and turned their heads towards us. They looked at us then started whispering again, this time, we were the center of attention!

“You can’t blame it… out of the whole school, they come after us the most.” Zayan said, feeling a bit guilty as she lowers head in shame.

“We just need to beat them to pulp like the last time! Simple!” Sabrina shouted with a thumbs up. It wasn’t as simple, just how I and Shymaa tried to explain after Sabrina finished but failed miserably,
“IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE, YOU DUMBHEAD!” We shouted, trying to get some sense of responsibility into her dictionary.

Sabrina flinched and tried to keep a straight face as we loomed down on her with faces filled with anger. She took a step back knowing that if she tries to get on our dark side, she is going to die soon.

“Okay, Okay, I get it, so chill!” She said while waving her hands near my face at the odds of us punching her at any time.

“Chill? We aren’t in winter to chill!” Shymaa growled while looking at Sabrina with fiery eyes and with her arms folded.

“Exactly. And besides, why don’t you cool your head off in the freezer, hmm? It seems your brain is starting to heat up in an uncontrollable manner.” I grunted while glaring down at Sabrina making my point very clear.

Sabrina flinched again and averted her eyes from us, “Okay… I’ll be careful with my wo--” Before she could finish, whispers in the room became louder till everyone’s thoughts could be heard. The sudden uproar made us turn our heads to see what was wrong. Much to our surprise, it was the people of today’s talk. Luke and Rohan had finally arrived with bruises and bandages. Luke had a few marks on his hand and on his face as well as an eye-patch to his right eye. Rohan had a few bandages on his face and a few on his right arm. Everyone looked at them and started whispering again but we were just glad the Greenville kids didn’t beat them to death. I pulled Shymaa’s hand and went towards the said students. Sabrina got up and followed along with Zayan and the twins.

“You guys okay?!”
“Dude! What a mess!”
“They didn’t break your bones, did they?!”
“What’s with the many bandages?!”
“They seriously didn’t leave you off the hook, did they….”
“What’s with the eye-patch!?”

We all said the above in a chorus. Still worried like starved puppies, we waited for the said students’ answer. The 2 looked at each other for a moment then let out a chuckle.

“We don’t want a salad, Thank you for asking.” The both said in sync with their normal sarcastic streak.

We all stared at them and blinked once or twice. “Huh?” We said in chorus. We came to realization after a few minutes and we expressed that by saying, “Oh~!” and gave a goofy smile.

“That was so..! Hahaha! You guys were so clueless!!” The both of them burst out in laughter due to our hysterical reaction.

“Oi! You scarred us, you know?!” Sabrina yelled in worry. She stood close to Rohan’s face while glaring at him.

“That’s right! At least tell us before you do something!” I shouted at their faces, making it clear for them.

“Yea, Yea, We will call and tell you that we are gonna get ambushed, right?” Luke said while folding his hands and nodding his head.

“AMBUSHED?!” We yelled in sync. Loud enough for everyone to hear us and cover their ears in annoyance.

“Yea, We will tell you guys during recess, ‘kay?” Rohan reassured us with a calm face.

“Okay then…” Zayan said in doubt.

We weren’t going to leave them off the hook anytime soon! But why don’t we skip the bori-- I mean -- educating periods and move to recess where the cat is out of the bag? Hmm?


“Now explain yourself!” Shymaa yelled into Luke’s ears probably making him deaf. Luke closed his ears and removed the words that had accidentally went in too deep in his ears.

“Loud speaker, lower your volume or I might just die due to noise pollution.” Luke said, his pinky finger trying to get the excess volume out.

“I get it, so I’ll explain, but please do not shout.” Rohan said while taking a few cautious steps back not wanting to be deaf himself.

“Okay,” We all said, excluding Luke who was still busy cleaning his ears.

“All right! So listen well. We were walking to school just 30 minutes before reaching school when a girl came out of nowhere saying that there was stalker behind her. Being the good guys as we were, we followed her to the place that she last saw the stalker, but then she said ‘thanks and goodbye, FOREVER’ and these Greenville bastards jumped out and started to battle us. The patch you see on Luke was because of a guy that punched his eye. We luckily won the battle. Those guys were serious on killing us… you girls should be safe or they might go after you next.” Rohan explained while pointing his index finger at the girls and making his point clear.

“Nee-chan is safe but what about Sabrina, Shymaa and Zayan?” Aiden said in a worrisome tone.

“Since we all live just next to each other, we should take precautions, but I will text you guys that. Right now I need to eat!” Rohan said as he grabbed Luke’s arm and rushed to the canteen. We all looked at each other and sighed. We decided to roam the school during our one hour recess.

“Let’s go! We already wasted 20 minutes and the campus is huge!” I said while calling out to the twins and my buddies. Everyone except Sabrina came to the door as I called out to them. Sabrina from where I was standing seemed to be taking out a piece of paper. I stood there wondering what she was doing until she came up to us and said, “Hey! Can we stop by the principal’s office today?” She came up to us with a pen and paper and was ready to go. “Principal’s office?” We said in sync, all with questioning looks.

-at the principal’s office-

“Excuse me sir, would you be willing to hold a party for the school?” Sabrina said after talking with formalities.

The principal looked at us for a moment and then gave a smirk. “Why, I was thinking about that, but I don’t have anyone to take on the job, will you be willing to accept my offer?” The principal said with a smile.

We all looked at the principal with surprised faces. We were totally not expecting this!! “Yes sir!” We all said in chorus, happy to do the job. And it was an all-day event on top of that! We smiled goofily and took our leave while bowing to the principal.

-while walking home-

“So… we are on the executive committee for the event?” Rohan said as we were walking down the streets to our home.

“Preeetty muuch~” Shymaa said as she was checking her facebook on her mobile.

“So what’s the plan captain?” Sabrina said while sticking her tongue out with a smile on.

I looked at her in amazement and then said, “Your… kidding…right?” I said with a confused face.

“Not. At. All.!” She said in a singsong tone as her house reached.

I stared at her with a dreadful face. “Sabrina…. YOU ARE SO DEAD!!” I yelled so loud enough for her to hear but I guess she just ignored it with her usual smirk.

This is how our day ended. The usual but with some surprises on our way. But that’s what makes life exciting, right?!

-Greenville High at this moment-

“What on earth were you thinking?!” A manly voice spoke up.

“I’m sorry President.” A womanly voice came from the shadows.

“We couldn’t get those two, but we surely can get the girls who are always there with them!”

“They must already know we would be targeting the girls by now.”

“They will be sticking like glue to them!”

“So what? We got a spy don’t we? She will give us all the information we need…”

“I almost forgot about her! She sure is helpful.”

“Next time, don’t leave them off the hook… I want them DEAD.”

What’s with the sudden turn of events?
How is Leia going to manage being the president of the executive committee?
Who is the anonymous spy?

What is going to happen to them?! 


Chapter 5: An unexpected and mysterious arch-enemy?!

Note: In one of my previous chapters, I have written "nee-chan". It simply means big sister and "nii-chan" which I will use in my upcoming chapters means big brother. And K.D is kuwaiti dinar or otherwise known as the currency of kuwait. Sorry for any confusion that was caused and please do tell your friends about my blog! It helps me out alot! :)

Is that.... me?!

"why hello there Miss Leia, so we finally meet. Took you long."

A scarlet haired miss which had the face of a rather extremely familiar girl stood infront of me. Even if she stood there not moving an inch, her aura could cause you to create a thousand scars on your back. Basically, she could torment you without her not even wasting a single mini-drop of her energy.

"Took me long? you were expecting me?"

I asked while taking a few cautious steps back.

 A sweat drop ran through my back as the answer which I waited for announced a delay creating an air of anxiety within me.


Silence. Her lips opened for a brief moment expressing confidence and then it shut tight leaving an evil smirk on her face.

"You already made me wait, are you going to make your family wait too now?"

She said, finally opening her mouth after that awkward silence. Those lines were an excuse, an excuse that was visible, yet, would you make up an excuse with an evil smirk on? Obviously not. But... why did she say that...?

I had no time to reply to her excuse of a question. I was woken up to reality by my dimwitted brothers. The surface which allowed me to rest was a bit hard and rough, not the comfy type which you would love to wake up in.

"Leia! Earth to Leia~? are you awake????" Ryan's loud but low-pitched voice ringed in my ear.

"I'm awake, I'm awake! so please, don't make me deaf." I said, being all sarcastic.

Ryan's face which wanted to show a happy face from the opposite of my reply just pouted. His face was like a child's. Even his personality! Even though he is the eldest. Daniel chuckled in the background due to Ryan's hysterical reaction while the twins... well, they were recording the whole thing! who knows where they are going to post that...

"Bad dream?" Daniel said in a calm voice while patting my head.

"Yea, pretty much." I replied with a huge sigh.

The next day.

That scarlet haired miss was nowhere to be found in my dream. I woke up just like any other day. But something was in store for us...

Ryan and Daniel walked beside me and the twins with headphones on. I could hear faint tunes from the edges of their 'head-gear'.

"That's our class, let's get going!" I announced while grabbing the surprised twins.

"Be careful you three!" Daniel shouted.

"Oh they sure will! with nee-chan* with them, they can't do anything!" Said Amy skipping her way to class.

"And why is that?" Daniel asked, his spectacles as curious as him.

"Because their death will be pre-announced if they do." In a chorus, both Amy and Ryan replied.

7:30 am.

"Hi there Leia!!" A familiar voice shouted out to me. The voice's shadow also got near. My eyes blinked with doubt for a moment till my arms just reached out for a hug.

"Shymaa!" A 'glomp' type of sound was made when I hugged her.

"How are you? What's the latest news you have for me?" I asked with my usual happy-go-lucky nature.

The hugged person gave a smile which faded to a frown trying to tell me something rather dangerous. "Why don't we talk later? hmm?" She gave a crooked smile.

Before my mouth could have it's turn to speak, I was rudely-- ahem ahem-- nicely interrupted by our class teacher who stood glaring behind me.

"Yes, talk later, study now, am I right Miss Zanar?" Her glasses which seemed oddly placed was re-positioned by her fingers. Her eyes flinched expressing me to get back to my seat, promto.

"I already understand what you mean so please don't glare at me like that you glasses women..!" I whispered to my self while grunting my teeth.

"What did you say Miss Zanar? I didn't happen to hear that." She said sarcastically while gesturing her lending her ear.

"Why, nothing Ma'am. I was just saying that I'll go back to my seat." I smiled and went back to my seat as said. Veins popped on my forehead as I sat down while calming myself.

The teacher who calls herself a lady, walked towards the teacher's seat and announced as if she was in a rock concert, "Settle down students! We have a new student!" She turns her head towards the door and signals the stranger who is to be the new member of the class in. 

A scarlet haired girl who is obviously familiar walked in with her confident streak. Her skirt which seems a bit too short was covered by her long blazer. Her face which seemed shockingly innocent made the girls doubted. A student which is out of season is quite rare to be frank. 

"The girl's name is Erza Scarlet, Please treat her well. And no bullying!" Ma'am's words just sent a ringing noise into the furious girls ears.

'What a fitting name... just right for a spiky dumbbell like her.' I thought with my sarcastic streak. 

"Please treat me well everyone~!" Her medium-pitched voice took a turn and spoke in a rather cute and high pitched voice. Her announcement sent the boys whistling with cheery faces and the girls with silently grunting their teeth and glaring at their new enemy. 

"Now where would you like to sit Miss Scarlet?" The Ma'am asked in her unusual polite form.

The Scarl-- Erza pointed out to the empty seat beside me with the same smirk on. 

"Oh, Leia! don't cause any problems for her!" The Ma'am screamed my name as if I was on the roof.

"Yes Ma'am...!" I said trying to get the ringing noise out of my head.

Erza walked along the rows to her seat but before she sat down, "Nice to be of an acquaintance to you." She smiled at me while I threw a rather easy reply, "Nice to meet you too."

Guess my reply angered her because the next thing she said was... "Hey everyone! I have an announcement to make!"

Everyone looked at the girl with curious eyes to see what she had in store. 

"I challenge Leia Zanar! and I bet on a thousand K.D* to steal each and every treasure of hers away! Because~ she is very Bad!" She finishes her announcement with making the last word really long. Everyone looked at her in doubt. And then she whispered, "don't keep me waiting next time, Okay?" Her smile left a mark in our 30 second conversation. 

What in the world is happening to my school life?
What does she mean..?
What's going to happen to me?!


Picture time 1 !

Well... Hello everyone!! right now I'm not posting any chapters due to stress, so I decided to post some of my pictures! Hope you all like it!

The sunset... well, somewhat like a sunset.


The view of chairs?

A kitty!
Its looking into my lens~!



A tree, well, a plant from a different perspective

This and the next was a gift from my friend, cute, isn't it?



My bracelet!!

Nailpolish and a memory

This and the next one was a gift from my dad's friends, sweet right?

This and the next three was a gift from my friend! it's too big for me though... :)

Sorry it's blurry... Canon FTW! (for the win)

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Chapter 4: Day one, Homeworks, Break, Hometime, Studies!

5:45 am, Tuesday

One day after I entered my new school.

It's a normal day like any other. As my daily routine says, wake my parents up, get myself ready, wake Amy and my brothers up, eat my breakfast, check my facebook and mail, download anything new such as games and songs, wash the dishes, kiss my parents good bye and set out to school.

I turn the doorknob to my class. I could hear whispers and sounds from inside the class. My calls to my slow running brothers could be heard even in that noisy class.

"Evan!! Aiden!! hurry up!! you're so slow!!" I call out to my brothers, slow as turtles.

They come, panting and trying to catch their breath. I bend down, wondering if they are alright.

"too much exercise maybe?" I ask, sarcastically.

"No! this is nothing!" says Aiden, with a smile on.

"We can run faster than this! This is nothing!" says Evan with a big smile on.

"Hmm... Is that so... that's good, but you can't be faster than me." I smirk at them.

"Haha! we will see nee-chan*! In the future though, right Aiden?" says Evan.

"Yep, we will see! heh!" says Aiden with a small giggle.

I open the door to the class with us laughing. Big footsteps nearby told me that Sabrina and Rohan were there. Not to mention their screaming. 

My footsteps echo as the class becomes silent for some eerie reason...

Whispers spread across the room. "hey... she is the newcomer right?' "yea... how serious, didn't you just hear her yell at her brothers?" "poor them..."

'Don't kid me... bullying on the second day?!' I thought.

"Hey hey! stop whispering stuff! She is our friend, so stop it!" A voice squeaked through the crowd. And guess who is it? It's Zayan!

"Thanks Zayan, and good morning! how are you?" I smile at her while waving my hand.

"Good morning, I'm great! what ab--" She was interrupted by none other than....! da da dam! Sabrina!
Did I make it sound too dramatic? haha! Please do excuse me~

"Hey! don't forget me and Shymaa! and I'm doing fabulous." says Sabrina, coming out from the crowd.

"Don't forget me okay? and I'm doing great as well!" says Shymaa following Sabrina with an extremely happy face on.

A poker face* then a face breaking into laughter, that is my expression right now.

"15 minutes left to class, what should we do till then?" Said Rohan who was back of Sabrina.

"Oh oh! I know!" Shymaa shouts out.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Hit ourselves or fall out of the window. Obviously I don't know what to do! do you think something can be generated in this head of mine?" She points to her head.

"Well, most probably; see?" I walk towards her and hit her on her head. "See! oh wait... it really doesn't have anything... you were right Shymaa!" I said, sarcastically.

"And for the first time!" said Zayan, catching up with my joke.

"Hey hey hey! my head has some value too, enough value to beat you up!" Shouted Shymaa, ready to beat me and Zayan to pulp.

"Hey, I'm innocent~" I cry out, But I was acting~

"Even me~!" Zayan starting to follow up on my dialogue.

What happens next? well, Shymaa starts chasing us as Sabrina and Rohan start to take pictures and videos. And my brothers? they just started to laugh really hard.

Lets skip to the last period!

9th Period, Homeroom

"Alright everyone, quiet down." Said the teacher.

"Sabrina, come over to the board and list down the projects, tests and homeworks due tomorrow." She asks Sabrina.

Sabrina walks over to the board and start to list down the projects, etc due tomorrow. And here is the list...

Projects: Social Studies and Maths

Tests: Social Studies, Maths, English.

Homeworks: Social Studies, Maths, English, French, Arabic, Science and Moral Science.

Well, That was all... but so many! I'm such a goner....

"Ma'am!" Sabrina shouts out.

"Yes Sabrina?"

"How come our death is planned so early?" she asks jokingly

"Come on Sabirna! it isnt that much!" The teacher shouts.

"Ma'am, that's because you haven't got the experience we have gotten...." I said while yawning without a care in the world.

"We had much more than all of you so just keep your lips sealed if you don't want to be hanging outside the window." Said Ma'am, Sarcastically.

"What..?" Sabrina starts talking without knowing what ma'am meant, "How are we suppo-- ...... OWWWWCHHHH" before she could finish her sentence and get her head chopped off, I stepped on her foot and pinched her real hard. At least it did the job!

"Ma'am, she was just gonna ask something stupid so don't mind her." I said while covering Sabrina mouth not allowing her to say a single word which can cause an early death.

"I hope not...." Ma'am gives a last glance at us... (cough cough) I mean her last glare before she left the class. Everyone felt chills up their spines while me and Sabrina felt as if somebody choked us.

Silence surrounded us until a voice spoke up, "At least your not dead," said Shymaa

"We are gonna be today! who the heck would do all this stuff! I am soooo not gonna do this." declared Sabrina.

"Thats because you are lazy, Sabrina!" Me and Shymaa said in unity, that was coincidental wasn't it...?

The bell rings telling us that it is the end of the day. Some people sigh and some exhale in relief.
I pack my bag and signal my brothers to pick Amy up from the class across. While packing a familiar voice called out to me, "Hey Leia! wanna walk home with us?" It was shymaa.

"Yea! our homes are just next to each other!" Sabrina says while talking with Rohan.

I stop and think... not knowing what to do, but since our homes are next to each other, I accept their invitation.

"Sure! I'll come!" I call my siblings to come along with me.

2 hours later

Back at home

Me and siblings are now studying.

Though me, Evan and Aiden have tons of homework; Ryan, Daniel and Amy have none!
This is so unfair! why us? why not them?!
I complain but I guess I should stop if I'm ever going to complete everything that is due tomorrow.

My vision starts to blur as I learn for my test... my body feels shaky.... I feel like I'm floating on air... I still can hear my brothers until their voices faded away... "Leia! Leia! are you okay?!" Ryan's voice starts to fade away....

I open my eyes after a while and I find my self in a place which is pure white... nothing there, everything is just white... where am I...?

I see someone else a few feet away from me... I go closer to her in curiosity but my face shows shock as I clench my hand and my forehead starts sweating when I just saw the face... it was pure horror....

That bloody woman...? who is she...?


Isn't that....


Chapter 3: A new unexpected beginning

Hey everyone~ ^O^ I'm so sorry for the late update! I had exams and everything so I needed to prioritize, please forgive me! I will be updating chapters weekly, if possible. I hope you guys are happy with that? :3 everything is fiction! well, not all, its based on my memories and school life but its way more dramatic so yea, 80% is fiction ^_^.
Chapter 3

tension... filled the atmosphere around us.... utter silence...

"Leia, how long are your brothers going to stand outside the door....?" The teacher spoke up, in a worried tone. He points to the door.

'Ack! I totally forgot!' I thought...

"Sorry sir... I'll call them in...." I flinch, trying to cut through the dense atmosphere that had formed. But... In that moment, I felt a pair of brown eyes glance at me as I left my desk. I went outside, eyes peering through, trying to find my brothers. Good enough, they were there, walking in circles for some reason.

Eye-brows twitching, my hands on my hips, bending a bit forward and questioning eyes staring into the situation..."What on earth are you doing....?"

A flinch and a broken reply, "Ah sis! what.... what are you doing outside...?? you, you have-- y-- have your lesson-- right now r-- right??" said Evan.

A blush crept over his face, "yes, we better get to class too, right??" said Aiden with cracks in his voice.

I think they are totally ignoring me or they might have forgotten that this is their class. I sigh heavily, not knowing what am I suppose to do about them and grab their collars from the back.

"Where on earth do you think you're going....?" I sneak up to them like some ghost. They squinch at my sight.

"To-- to our class-- where else--?" They said while squeaking like a mouse with cracks in their voice. Not at all amused by their response, I give out a huge sigh and point towards our class.

"Huh?" They said in unison without a clue of why I was pointing at my class.

"Your class," I said, still pointing at the class. "What's the number of your class?" I ask, sarcastically.

"Huh? what?" They glance at each other with questioning eyes. "7-Sakura" the twins said in unison.

"and what is the number of the class I'm pointing at?" I ask again, this time pointing at the class number board.

"Class 7-sa--" They stop halfway, coming to realization. "Oh~! sorry! we forgot!" They said with goofy smiles.

Getting annoyed, I spoke up, "And class has already started... hasn't it?" I shot my eyes at them which glared at theirs.

They start to sweat but understood the situation early enough to save themselves. "We-- we will go in-- so---" They start to move towards the the class door. "Don't kill us!!" In a split second, they reached the class door.

'That ought to do it' I thought, chuckling.

I enter the class after my brothers and grab the back of their heads, "Aiden, Evan, bow down to the teacher and say sorry before I crack your heads...." I glare at them with a commanding voice. "Eeek!" they shriek.

They bow to the teachers and I bow along with them, "I'm very sorry for their childish behavior, please do forgive them." Stressing my speech-- I mean, my apology to the teacher, I turn to him and smile letting him know the twins are safe in my hands... or not? heehee.

"Yes, please forgive us for our chi--" they break their apology and glare at me with teary eyes, "We aren't that childish you know!" They shout at me as if it was my fault. Well, it was my fault but only partially. Heehee. 

"Oh for heaven's sake!" I whack them on their heads after a brief moment to my self. "Just apologize already!!" I scream, "Yes! we are sorry teacher!" They apologize.

Now, why don't we skip the class scene shall we? and move on to the break scene!

It's recess, the only time in everyday school life that I can get a break from all my studies.

Relaxing at my desk, I take out an orange juice ready to sip it when I felt someone hit my head which caused me to choke on my drink.

Catching my breath, I fixed my face not to look too angry. I drink my juice, not giving a single damn for the person who hit me.

"Looks like someone wanted me to die~" I sigh heavily. It's quite obvious to the person who hit me that I was being sarcastic.

"Eh? who sis?" Aiden asks curiously. Looks like he hasn't caught up with the joke.

"huh? what do you me--" Evan stopped and glanced away from me and then back at me and gave me a small smirk.

"Looks like you must have angered them sis~! what on earth did you do now~?" He said in singsong tone.
he must be enjoying himself.

"Huh? I didn't do a thing, okay Evan. This is my first day in school! be more real will you?" I said throwing a grin at him and a glance at the brown-eyed guy who we met before.

*You think you can get away so easily?* I mouthed to him. He shrills after he understood what I said.

I see him walking towards me, with his embarrassed face hidden from sight. I chuckle at his cute response.

He comes upto me and kneels down, being as close as he can to me. "Okay... you don't need to say it that sarcastically you know..." his blush hidden with his whisper.

"Heheh, I'm sorry" I smile at him.

He scans my face with a plain blank look. "So you can be kind...." He glances away not trying to meet my eyes.

Eyes twitching, I glare at him hard. "What were you saying about me just now....?" an eerie smile crept over my face.

"Nothing!! nothing Milady!!" He shrieks.

2 girls come up to us. One with a hijab and the other who looks fat-- oops! my apologies! and there was a really tall boy with them too.

"You are an interesting person aren't you?" said the fat-- notfat girl. "Wanna be our friend?" said the girl with the hijab. "Sure, why not?" I give them a heartwarming smile.

"Atleast she isn't creeped out by Sabrina." said the tall boy. "You guys found another gang member?" a voice came from somewhere near the door and out came an Asian girl with short hair. "Nice to meet you!" She smiles. "Pleased to meet you" I smile back.

"I didn't catch your names, can you tell me again?" I ask with doubt in my voice.

"Name listing time!" said the short haired girl.

"Luke Walker." said the brown-eyed boy.

"Sabrina Rockwell Thompson!" said the not fat girl.

"Shymaa Ghalib." said the girl with the hijab.

"Rohan Kalsi." said the tall boy.

"Zayan Mary Fernandez." said the short haired girl.

"Evan Zanar." said Evan.

"Aiden Zanar." said Aiden.

"Leia Zanar." I smile at them after we finished the name listing. "New friends, new beginning right?!" said Zayan, excited.

"Yup." I nod, agreeing to her statement. "It will be a new beginning... I hope it goes as expected...."

Time goes on in that building.... Hoping this new beginning is a good one....

will the later thing to come be expected? or.... unexpected....?


Chapter 2

Hey everyone~! this is my second chapter! (^O^)/ sorry for being so late, I was in huge confusion, and couldn't use the right words that describe well... anyways, enjoy! and as always, suggestions are always welcome! and please~ bring in more readers~ :D enjoy the chapter!!

Chapter 2

We entered this mysterious school to find our selves in a different dimension... everyone looks just so Elite!

"Wow... its so... pretty..." said Amy with her hands on her chest as if she has entered her dream world.

"I just want to find friends and have a normal middle school life" I smiled as I said that and turned to Daniel and give a slight 'don't you think so?' gesture.

"Yea, normal life... we don't want people behind our backs or any fan club..." he chuckled

We walked through the vast hall way and passed so many 'elite' people. When we reached, I found out something very pleasant-- wait, scratch that, I found something very horrifying...

I gasped at the sight of it... But Ryan, Daniel, Amy and the twins seem really happy... All our classes are just beside each others!  I just wanted a normal middle school life where my brothers or my sister won't pop-up anywhere... they need to grow up instead of sticking to me always... Or they won't know what independence is!

I bang my head to a near-by wall and let out a small painful sound, but it seemed like a 'squeak' instead.

"What are you doing Leia?" Daniel turned around with his eyebrows twitching.
"Cursing myself...." I think I looked like a dead corpse with the soul almost leaving the body. Daniel came over and pushed my soul back into my body and slightly patted my head.
"It's going to be one heck of a school year ain't it?" He smiled.
"Yea... I hope they grow up..." I Pouted a bit but smiled later.

After 10 minutes, the bell rang and it was time to enter our classes and begin the long yet not so long, until summer vacations, our first term...

"My Name is Leia Zanar, Please take care of me for the years to come!" I smile and bow slightly in respect to the teacher and walk down the rows of seats trying to find an empty one but those eyes, some glaring while the rest with confusion and excitement distracted me to find any seats.

I saw an empty seat right next to the window and thought it was a good chance, I went over quick enough so that I wouldn't take too much time since it is English period. I hang my bag pack to my desk and tidy my skirt, ready to sit down but right then, the wind blew which made some locks of my hair to untidy itself. I gently and swiftly tied my hair, and glanced at the desk ready to sit down, when suddenly...

He turned back and looked at me, a rather sunny and funny but handsome looking man, he mouthed some thing to me... And then he smirked and returned to reading his book. I stood there, just shocked and frozen. I think I finally moved when I felt the cool breeze that blew in the class and when I heard my teacher call out to me.

"Leia? Is there any problem?" I shook my head and smiled, reassuring him.

"it's nothing" I replied, I sat down after he gave a small Gesture saying 'you may sit down'

After I sat down, I heard a small and playful giggle from the seat in front of me. Anger ran through my spine and energy pumped through my body as I took the book that was laying still on my desk and flung it to hit the back of his stupid but poor head.
And then, a small but noticeable squeal, a painful squeal was squeaked by the one sitting in the seat in front of me.
I giggled a small and sweet evil giggle and began pretending that I was studying so that I could see his reaction.
A cute face turned around but with not such a cute intention. His face was filled with annoyance, ready for his turn to hit me with his book. I let out a chuckle which made him irritated.

"why you...! Why did you hit me...?!" he squealed with a pouty face on.

"ssh...! Be quiet or the teacher might just scold you..." I whisper to him with a teasing smile on.

His eyebrows twitched in confusion then came to realization. "oops" he said, with a playful look and a small blush that ran over his face. He must have been embarrassed...

"anyway" he whispered, "why did you hit me?" questioning me with a goofy look.

"idiot. Firstly, because you said something that I couldn't understand. And secondly, because you laughed at me" I said angrily, making each word of each sentence clear to him. Well, trying to...

"Well, I'm sorry about the second one. I shouldn't have done that" he scratched the back of his head.

"And the first one?" I ask him questioningly.

"The first? I will just repeat it then" he said with a sense of pride in him.

"Really? Now what is it that you said?? you should be saying it quick or else I may miss my lesson because of a certain someone" I ask him sarcastically.

"Okay okay! don't need to rub it in!" he scowls.

"yallah, tell me now, I cant wait long" I chuckle.

"So... what I said was..." he scratches the back of his head.

He rolls his eyes and averts eye contact with me "I said 'always choose the right path and this school will be the best in your memories. Stray from that path and witness as hell slowly occupies your life'"

Eyes widened, I'm so not going to buy it...
Not believing it, I said "yea yea, come on, stop kidding me" being as clear as I could.

"No, I'm serious!" He makes eye contact with me, those brown eyes that showed danger and fear.

Both of our eyes locked and in sync, some would say we were playing a staring contest, but he was damn serious. My body was frozen in time, my smile was no longer intact.

"I'm not joking... be careful.... don't make your life hell... 'cause you might just become one of the victims..." he whispers in my ear... suddenly everything went silent except his words that took me by surprise...

Shocked and speechless, I ask him, "what...? What the heck are you saying...?" with tension rolling in the atmosphere around us.

"Just like I said" he turns back to his seat leaving me dumb founded and frozen with concern. He returned back to his lesson with no responsibility what-so-ever since it is his fault that I can't concentrate now but... he warned us right...? or was he joking...? as if! those eyes can't lie...

What did he exactly mean...? Was coming to this school a bad idea...? Have I landed on a bomb site...?Where does he know this from....?
Most important of all.... What is going to happen to me and my siblings?!