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Chapter 2

Hey everyone~! this is my second chapter! (^O^)/ sorry for being so late, I was in huge confusion, and couldn't use the right words that describe well... anyways, enjoy! and as always, suggestions are always welcome! and please~ bring in more readers~ :D enjoy the chapter!!

Chapter 2

We entered this mysterious school to find our selves in a different dimension... everyone looks just so Elite!

"Wow... its so... pretty..." said Amy with her hands on her chest as if she has entered her dream world.

"I just want to find friends and have a normal middle school life" I smiled as I said that and turned to Daniel and give a slight 'don't you think so?' gesture.

"Yea, normal life... we don't want people behind our backs or any fan club..." he chuckled

We walked through the vast hall way and passed so many 'elite' people. When we reached, I found out something very pleasant-- wait, scratch that, I found something very horrifying...

I gasped at the sight of it... But Ryan, Daniel, Amy and the twins seem really happy... All our classes are just beside each others!  I just wanted a normal middle school life where my brothers or my sister won't pop-up anywhere... they need to grow up instead of sticking to me always... Or they won't know what independence is!

I bang my head to a near-by wall and let out a small painful sound, but it seemed like a 'squeak' instead.

"What are you doing Leia?" Daniel turned around with his eyebrows twitching.
"Cursing myself...." I think I looked like a dead corpse with the soul almost leaving the body. Daniel came over and pushed my soul back into my body and slightly patted my head.
"It's going to be one heck of a school year ain't it?" He smiled.
"Yea... I hope they grow up..." I Pouted a bit but smiled later.

After 10 minutes, the bell rang and it was time to enter our classes and begin the long yet not so long, until summer vacations, our first term...

"My Name is Leia Zanar, Please take care of me for the years to come!" I smile and bow slightly in respect to the teacher and walk down the rows of seats trying to find an empty one but those eyes, some glaring while the rest with confusion and excitement distracted me to find any seats.

I saw an empty seat right next to the window and thought it was a good chance, I went over quick enough so that I wouldn't take too much time since it is English period. I hang my bag pack to my desk and tidy my skirt, ready to sit down but right then, the wind blew which made some locks of my hair to untidy itself. I gently and swiftly tied my hair, and glanced at the desk ready to sit down, when suddenly...

He turned back and looked at me, a rather sunny and funny but handsome looking man, he mouthed some thing to me... And then he smirked and returned to reading his book. I stood there, just shocked and frozen. I think I finally moved when I felt the cool breeze that blew in the class and when I heard my teacher call out to me.

"Leia? Is there any problem?" I shook my head and smiled, reassuring him.

"it's nothing" I replied, I sat down after he gave a small Gesture saying 'you may sit down'

After I sat down, I heard a small and playful giggle from the seat in front of me. Anger ran through my spine and energy pumped through my body as I took the book that was laying still on my desk and flung it to hit the back of his stupid but poor head.
And then, a small but noticeable squeal, a painful squeal was squeaked by the one sitting in the seat in front of me.
I giggled a small and sweet evil giggle and began pretending that I was studying so that I could see his reaction.
A cute face turned around but with not such a cute intention. His face was filled with annoyance, ready for his turn to hit me with his book. I let out a chuckle which made him irritated.

"why you...! Why did you hit me...?!" he squealed with a pouty face on.

"ssh...! Be quiet or the teacher might just scold you..." I whisper to him with a teasing smile on.

His eyebrows twitched in confusion then came to realization. "oops" he said, with a playful look and a small blush that ran over his face. He must have been embarrassed...

"anyway" he whispered, "why did you hit me?" questioning me with a goofy look.

"idiot. Firstly, because you said something that I couldn't understand. And secondly, because you laughed at me" I said angrily, making each word of each sentence clear to him. Well, trying to...

"Well, I'm sorry about the second one. I shouldn't have done that" he scratched the back of his head.

"And the first one?" I ask him questioningly.

"The first? I will just repeat it then" he said with a sense of pride in him.

"Really? Now what is it that you said?? you should be saying it quick or else I may miss my lesson because of a certain someone" I ask him sarcastically.

"Okay okay! don't need to rub it in!" he scowls.

"yallah, tell me now, I cant wait long" I chuckle.

"So... what I said was..." he scratches the back of his head.

He rolls his eyes and averts eye contact with me "I said 'always choose the right path and this school will be the best in your memories. Stray from that path and witness as hell slowly occupies your life'"

Eyes widened, I'm so not going to buy it...
Not believing it, I said "yea yea, come on, stop kidding me" being as clear as I could.

"No, I'm serious!" He makes eye contact with me, those brown eyes that showed danger and fear.

Both of our eyes locked and in sync, some would say we were playing a staring contest, but he was damn serious. My body was frozen in time, my smile was no longer intact.

"I'm not joking... be careful.... don't make your life hell... 'cause you might just become one of the victims..." he whispers in my ear... suddenly everything went silent except his words that took me by surprise...

Shocked and speechless, I ask him, "what...? What the heck are you saying...?" with tension rolling in the atmosphere around us.

"Just like I said" he turns back to his seat leaving me dumb founded and frozen with concern. He returned back to his lesson with no responsibility what-so-ever since it is his fault that I can't concentrate now but... he warned us right...? or was he joking...? as if! those eyes can't lie...

What did he exactly mean...? Was coming to this school a bad idea...? Have I landed on a bomb site...?Where does he know this from....?
Most important of all.... What is going to happen to me and my siblings?!