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Chapter 3: A new unexpected beginning

Hey everyone~ ^O^ I'm so sorry for the late update! I had exams and everything so I needed to prioritize, please forgive me! I will be updating chapters weekly, if possible. I hope you guys are happy with that? :3 everything is fiction! well, not all, its based on my memories and school life but its way more dramatic so yea, 80% is fiction ^_^.
Chapter 3

tension... filled the atmosphere around us.... utter silence...

"Leia, how long are your brothers going to stand outside the door....?" The teacher spoke up, in a worried tone. He points to the door.

'Ack! I totally forgot!' I thought...

"Sorry sir... I'll call them in...." I flinch, trying to cut through the dense atmosphere that had formed. But... In that moment, I felt a pair of brown eyes glance at me as I left my desk. I went outside, eyes peering through, trying to find my brothers. Good enough, they were there, walking in circles for some reason.

Eye-brows twitching, my hands on my hips, bending a bit forward and questioning eyes staring into the situation..."What on earth are you doing....?"

A flinch and a broken reply, "Ah sis! what.... what are you doing outside...?? you, you have-- y-- have your lesson-- right now r-- right??" said Evan.

A blush crept over his face, "yes, we better get to class too, right??" said Aiden with cracks in his voice.

I think they are totally ignoring me or they might have forgotten that this is their class. I sigh heavily, not knowing what am I suppose to do about them and grab their collars from the back.

"Where on earth do you think you're going....?" I sneak up to them like some ghost. They squinch at my sight.

"To-- to our class-- where else--?" They said while squeaking like a mouse with cracks in their voice. Not at all amused by their response, I give out a huge sigh and point towards our class.

"Huh?" They said in unison without a clue of why I was pointing at my class.

"Your class," I said, still pointing at the class. "What's the number of your class?" I ask, sarcastically.

"Huh? what?" They glance at each other with questioning eyes. "7-Sakura" the twins said in unison.

"and what is the number of the class I'm pointing at?" I ask again, this time pointing at the class number board.

"Class 7-sa--" They stop halfway, coming to realization. "Oh~! sorry! we forgot!" They said with goofy smiles.

Getting annoyed, I spoke up, "And class has already started... hasn't it?" I shot my eyes at them which glared at theirs.

They start to sweat but understood the situation early enough to save themselves. "We-- we will go in-- so---" They start to move towards the the class door. "Don't kill us!!" In a split second, they reached the class door.

'That ought to do it' I thought, chuckling.

I enter the class after my brothers and grab the back of their heads, "Aiden, Evan, bow down to the teacher and say sorry before I crack your heads...." I glare at them with a commanding voice. "Eeek!" they shriek.

They bow to the teachers and I bow along with them, "I'm very sorry for their childish behavior, please do forgive them." Stressing my speech-- I mean, my apology to the teacher, I turn to him and smile letting him know the twins are safe in my hands... or not? heehee.

"Yes, please forgive us for our chi--" they break their apology and glare at me with teary eyes, "We aren't that childish you know!" They shout at me as if it was my fault. Well, it was my fault but only partially. Heehee. 

"Oh for heaven's sake!" I whack them on their heads after a brief moment to my self. "Just apologize already!!" I scream, "Yes! we are sorry teacher!" They apologize.

Now, why don't we skip the class scene shall we? and move on to the break scene!

It's recess, the only time in everyday school life that I can get a break from all my studies.

Relaxing at my desk, I take out an orange juice ready to sip it when I felt someone hit my head which caused me to choke on my drink.

Catching my breath, I fixed my face not to look too angry. I drink my juice, not giving a single damn for the person who hit me.

"Looks like someone wanted me to die~" I sigh heavily. It's quite obvious to the person who hit me that I was being sarcastic.

"Eh? who sis?" Aiden asks curiously. Looks like he hasn't caught up with the joke.

"huh? what do you me--" Evan stopped and glanced away from me and then back at me and gave me a small smirk.

"Looks like you must have angered them sis~! what on earth did you do now~?" He said in singsong tone.
he must be enjoying himself.

"Huh? I didn't do a thing, okay Evan. This is my first day in school! be more real will you?" I said throwing a grin at him and a glance at the brown-eyed guy who we met before.

*You think you can get away so easily?* I mouthed to him. He shrills after he understood what I said.

I see him walking towards me, with his embarrassed face hidden from sight. I chuckle at his cute response.

He comes upto me and kneels down, being as close as he can to me. "Okay... you don't need to say it that sarcastically you know..." his blush hidden with his whisper.

"Heheh, I'm sorry" I smile at him.

He scans my face with a plain blank look. "So you can be kind...." He glances away not trying to meet my eyes.

Eyes twitching, I glare at him hard. "What were you saying about me just now....?" an eerie smile crept over my face.

"Nothing!! nothing Milady!!" He shrieks.

2 girls come up to us. One with a hijab and the other who looks fat-- oops! my apologies! and there was a really tall boy with them too.

"You are an interesting person aren't you?" said the fat-- notfat girl. "Wanna be our friend?" said the girl with the hijab. "Sure, why not?" I give them a heartwarming smile.

"Atleast she isn't creeped out by Sabrina." said the tall boy. "You guys found another gang member?" a voice came from somewhere near the door and out came an Asian girl with short hair. "Nice to meet you!" She smiles. "Pleased to meet you" I smile back.

"I didn't catch your names, can you tell me again?" I ask with doubt in my voice.

"Name listing time!" said the short haired girl.

"Luke Walker." said the brown-eyed boy.

"Sabrina Rockwell Thompson!" said the not fat girl.

"Shymaa Ghalib." said the girl with the hijab.

"Rohan Kalsi." said the tall boy.

"Zayan Mary Fernandez." said the short haired girl.

"Evan Zanar." said Evan.

"Aiden Zanar." said Aiden.

"Leia Zanar." I smile at them after we finished the name listing. "New friends, new beginning right?!" said Zayan, excited.

"Yup." I nod, agreeing to her statement. "It will be a new beginning... I hope it goes as expected...."

Time goes on in that building.... Hoping this new beginning is a good one....

will the later thing to come be expected? or.... unexpected....?

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