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Chapter 4: Day one, Homeworks, Break, Hometime, Studies!

5:45 am, Tuesday

One day after I entered my new school.

It's a normal day like any other. As my daily routine says, wake my parents up, get myself ready, wake Amy and my brothers up, eat my breakfast, check my facebook and mail, download anything new such as games and songs, wash the dishes, kiss my parents good bye and set out to school.

I turn the doorknob to my class. I could hear whispers and sounds from inside the class. My calls to my slow running brothers could be heard even in that noisy class.

"Evan!! Aiden!! hurry up!! you're so slow!!" I call out to my brothers, slow as turtles.

They come, panting and trying to catch their breath. I bend down, wondering if they are alright.

"too much exercise maybe?" I ask, sarcastically.

"No! this is nothing!" says Aiden, with a smile on.

"We can run faster than this! This is nothing!" says Evan with a big smile on.

"Hmm... Is that so... that's good, but you can't be faster than me." I smirk at them.

"Haha! we will see nee-chan*! In the future though, right Aiden?" says Evan.

"Yep, we will see! heh!" says Aiden with a small giggle.

I open the door to the class with us laughing. Big footsteps nearby told me that Sabrina and Rohan were there. Not to mention their screaming. 

My footsteps echo as the class becomes silent for some eerie reason...

Whispers spread across the room. "hey... she is the newcomer right?' "yea... how serious, didn't you just hear her yell at her brothers?" "poor them..."

'Don't kid me... bullying on the second day?!' I thought.

"Hey hey! stop whispering stuff! She is our friend, so stop it!" A voice squeaked through the crowd. And guess who is it? It's Zayan!

"Thanks Zayan, and good morning! how are you?" I smile at her while waving my hand.

"Good morning, I'm great! what ab--" She was interrupted by none other than....! da da dam! Sabrina!
Did I make it sound too dramatic? haha! Please do excuse me~

"Hey! don't forget me and Shymaa! and I'm doing fabulous." says Sabrina, coming out from the crowd.

"Don't forget me okay? and I'm doing great as well!" says Shymaa following Sabrina with an extremely happy face on.

A poker face* then a face breaking into laughter, that is my expression right now.

"15 minutes left to class, what should we do till then?" Said Rohan who was back of Sabrina.

"Oh oh! I know!" Shymaa shouts out.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Hit ourselves or fall out of the window. Obviously I don't know what to do! do you think something can be generated in this head of mine?" She points to her head.

"Well, most probably; see?" I walk towards her and hit her on her head. "See! oh wait... it really doesn't have anything... you were right Shymaa!" I said, sarcastically.

"And for the first time!" said Zayan, catching up with my joke.

"Hey hey hey! my head has some value too, enough value to beat you up!" Shouted Shymaa, ready to beat me and Zayan to pulp.

"Hey, I'm innocent~" I cry out, But I was acting~

"Even me~!" Zayan starting to follow up on my dialogue.

What happens next? well, Shymaa starts chasing us as Sabrina and Rohan start to take pictures and videos. And my brothers? they just started to laugh really hard.

Lets skip to the last period!

9th Period, Homeroom

"Alright everyone, quiet down." Said the teacher.

"Sabrina, come over to the board and list down the projects, tests and homeworks due tomorrow." She asks Sabrina.

Sabrina walks over to the board and start to list down the projects, etc due tomorrow. And here is the list...

Projects: Social Studies and Maths

Tests: Social Studies, Maths, English.

Homeworks: Social Studies, Maths, English, French, Arabic, Science and Moral Science.

Well, That was all... but so many! I'm such a goner....

"Ma'am!" Sabrina shouts out.

"Yes Sabrina?"

"How come our death is planned so early?" she asks jokingly

"Come on Sabirna! it isnt that much!" The teacher shouts.

"Ma'am, that's because you haven't got the experience we have gotten...." I said while yawning without a care in the world.

"We had much more than all of you so just keep your lips sealed if you don't want to be hanging outside the window." Said Ma'am, Sarcastically.

"What..?" Sabrina starts talking without knowing what ma'am meant, "How are we suppo-- ...... OWWWWCHHHH" before she could finish her sentence and get her head chopped off, I stepped on her foot and pinched her real hard. At least it did the job!

"Ma'am, she was just gonna ask something stupid so don't mind her." I said while covering Sabrina mouth not allowing her to say a single word which can cause an early death.

"I hope not...." Ma'am gives a last glance at us... (cough cough) I mean her last glare before she left the class. Everyone felt chills up their spines while me and Sabrina felt as if somebody choked us.

Silence surrounded us until a voice spoke up, "At least your not dead," said Shymaa

"We are gonna be today! who the heck would do all this stuff! I am soooo not gonna do this." declared Sabrina.

"Thats because you are lazy, Sabrina!" Me and Shymaa said in unity, that was coincidental wasn't it...?

The bell rings telling us that it is the end of the day. Some people sigh and some exhale in relief.
I pack my bag and signal my brothers to pick Amy up from the class across. While packing a familiar voice called out to me, "Hey Leia! wanna walk home with us?" It was shymaa.

"Yea! our homes are just next to each other!" Sabrina says while talking with Rohan.

I stop and think... not knowing what to do, but since our homes are next to each other, I accept their invitation.

"Sure! I'll come!" I call my siblings to come along with me.

2 hours later

Back at home

Me and siblings are now studying.

Though me, Evan and Aiden have tons of homework; Ryan, Daniel and Amy have none!
This is so unfair! why us? why not them?!
I complain but I guess I should stop if I'm ever going to complete everything that is due tomorrow.

My vision starts to blur as I learn for my test... my body feels shaky.... I feel like I'm floating on air... I still can hear my brothers until their voices faded away... "Leia! Leia! are you okay?!" Ryan's voice starts to fade away....

I open my eyes after a while and I find my self in a place which is pure white... nothing there, everything is just white... where am I...?

I see someone else a few feet away from me... I go closer to her in curiosity but my face shows shock as I clench my hand and my forehead starts sweating when I just saw the face... it was pure horror....

That bloody woman...? who is she...?


Isn't that....

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