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Chapter 5: An unexpected and mysterious arch-enemy?!

Note: In one of my previous chapters, I have written "nee-chan". It simply means big sister and "nii-chan" which I will use in my upcoming chapters means big brother. And K.D is kuwaiti dinar or otherwise known as the currency of kuwait. Sorry for any confusion that was caused and please do tell your friends about my blog! It helps me out alot! :)

Is that.... me?!

"why hello there Miss Leia, so we finally meet. Took you long."

A scarlet haired miss which had the face of a rather extremely familiar girl stood infront of me. Even if she stood there not moving an inch, her aura could cause you to create a thousand scars on your back. Basically, she could torment you without her not even wasting a single mini-drop of her energy.

"Took me long? you were expecting me?"

I asked while taking a few cautious steps back.

 A sweat drop ran through my back as the answer which I waited for announced a delay creating an air of anxiety within me.


Silence. Her lips opened for a brief moment expressing confidence and then it shut tight leaving an evil smirk on her face.

"You already made me wait, are you going to make your family wait too now?"

She said, finally opening her mouth after that awkward silence. Those lines were an excuse, an excuse that was visible, yet, would you make up an excuse with an evil smirk on? Obviously not. But... why did she say that...?

I had no time to reply to her excuse of a question. I was woken up to reality by my dimwitted brothers. The surface which allowed me to rest was a bit hard and rough, not the comfy type which you would love to wake up in.

"Leia! Earth to Leia~? are you awake????" Ryan's loud but low-pitched voice ringed in my ear.

"I'm awake, I'm awake! so please, don't make me deaf." I said, being all sarcastic.

Ryan's face which wanted to show a happy face from the opposite of my reply just pouted. His face was like a child's. Even his personality! Even though he is the eldest. Daniel chuckled in the background due to Ryan's hysterical reaction while the twins... well, they were recording the whole thing! who knows where they are going to post that...

"Bad dream?" Daniel said in a calm voice while patting my head.

"Yea, pretty much." I replied with a huge sigh.

The next day.

That scarlet haired miss was nowhere to be found in my dream. I woke up just like any other day. But something was in store for us...

Ryan and Daniel walked beside me and the twins with headphones on. I could hear faint tunes from the edges of their 'head-gear'.

"That's our class, let's get going!" I announced while grabbing the surprised twins.

"Be careful you three!" Daniel shouted.

"Oh they sure will! with nee-chan* with them, they can't do anything!" Said Amy skipping her way to class.

"And why is that?" Daniel asked, his spectacles as curious as him.

"Because their death will be pre-announced if they do." In a chorus, both Amy and Ryan replied.

7:30 am.

"Hi there Leia!!" A familiar voice shouted out to me. The voice's shadow also got near. My eyes blinked with doubt for a moment till my arms just reached out for a hug.

"Shymaa!" A 'glomp' type of sound was made when I hugged her.

"How are you? What's the latest news you have for me?" I asked with my usual happy-go-lucky nature.

The hugged person gave a smile which faded to a frown trying to tell me something rather dangerous. "Why don't we talk later? hmm?" She gave a crooked smile.

Before my mouth could have it's turn to speak, I was rudely-- ahem ahem-- nicely interrupted by our class teacher who stood glaring behind me.

"Yes, talk later, study now, am I right Miss Zanar?" Her glasses which seemed oddly placed was re-positioned by her fingers. Her eyes flinched expressing me to get back to my seat, promto.

"I already understand what you mean so please don't glare at me like that you glasses women..!" I whispered to my self while grunting my teeth.

"What did you say Miss Zanar? I didn't happen to hear that." She said sarcastically while gesturing her lending her ear.

"Why, nothing Ma'am. I was just saying that I'll go back to my seat." I smiled and went back to my seat as said. Veins popped on my forehead as I sat down while calming myself.

The teacher who calls herself a lady, walked towards the teacher's seat and announced as if she was in a rock concert, "Settle down students! We have a new student!" She turns her head towards the door and signals the stranger who is to be the new member of the class in. 

A scarlet haired girl who is obviously familiar walked in with her confident streak. Her skirt which seems a bit too short was covered by her long blazer. Her face which seemed shockingly innocent made the girls doubted. A student which is out of season is quite rare to be frank. 

"The girl's name is Erza Scarlet, Please treat her well. And no bullying!" Ma'am's words just sent a ringing noise into the furious girls ears.

'What a fitting name... just right for a spiky dumbbell like her.' I thought with my sarcastic streak. 

"Please treat me well everyone~!" Her medium-pitched voice took a turn and spoke in a rather cute and high pitched voice. Her announcement sent the boys whistling with cheery faces and the girls with silently grunting their teeth and glaring at their new enemy. 

"Now where would you like to sit Miss Scarlet?" The Ma'am asked in her unusual polite form.

The Scarl-- Erza pointed out to the empty seat beside me with the same smirk on. 

"Oh, Leia! don't cause any problems for her!" The Ma'am screamed my name as if I was on the roof.

"Yes Ma'am...!" I said trying to get the ringing noise out of my head.

Erza walked along the rows to her seat but before she sat down, "Nice to be of an acquaintance to you." She smiled at me while I threw a rather easy reply, "Nice to meet you too."

Guess my reply angered her because the next thing she said was... "Hey everyone! I have an announcement to make!"

Everyone looked at the girl with curious eyes to see what she had in store. 

"I challenge Leia Zanar! and I bet on a thousand K.D* to steal each and every treasure of hers away! Because~ she is very Bad!" She finishes her announcement with making the last word really long. Everyone looked at her in doubt. And then she whispered, "don't keep me waiting next time, Okay?" Her smile left a mark in our 30 second conversation. 

What in the world is happening to my school life?
What does she mean..?
What's going to happen to me?!


  1. Nice Writeup betoo, keep going. expressions will sharpen your thoughts and writing skills.

    1. Thank you abbu! x3
      I've started writing fanfiction and saw that after taking a one day break, I could find many mistakes! and now it's really good! I'm also going to do that with this novel, is it a good idea?

  2. I am speechless! What a matured writer you are! Excellent Suraiya Darling. Keep the great job going. To be very honest, it has been many years since I have stopped reading novels due to busy life. Your writings made me think of the times I used to get lost amidst the book leaves.

    You are an amazing writer Suraiya. Try and make a Novel of all your thoughts. I'm sure you'd definitely shine like a star!

    Loads of love
    Kusuma aunty

  3. Matured write up...Keep up the good work... all the best Suraiya:)

  4. Thanks Kusuma for your encouragement....

  5. Thanks Sulatha for your comments...