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Chapter 6: What's the plan, Captain?

Note: I don't know whether this is long enough or not but still... voila! I behold to you our latest chapter! ^w^ 

“Let’s party all night!!” shouted Sabrina with her hands up in the air. She is pretty excited just by hearing the word ‘party’.

“Hold it gurl, it ain’t summer vacation yet, it’s still April. Besides, what party are you talking about anyway?” Asked Shymaa. She was eating her banana while stretching her feet. She wasn’t that interested since if it was Sabrina, it would always mean something fishy.

“We can do a get together,” I suggested while taking a piece of offered banana. It seemed a party is sort of, fishy.

“A get together sounds good!” A hyper voice came out to reveal  Zayan, our little champion. She sits on my desk after taking my permission and offered me some chocolate biscuits. Her attitude is a sweet and kind one; I don’t think anyone would hate her. But people are really… hmm… surprising sometimes, so you can’t rule her out of the picture.

I chuckled and started chit-chatting with Shymaa; our discussions were mostly upon how the day before was, what happened, anything interesting, some juicy information to collect, boys of course! Teehee and how we were going manage Sabrina for today. We would discuss about more things but we can’t just chit-chat to ourselves, we had our friends too!

As me and Shymaa were talking, some whispers in the room emerged. People started talking when a certain boy told everyone that two of our classmates had engaged themselves in a fight between our opponent school; Greenville English High. Those bastards think they are topnotch and fight with our school due to our famous reputation of being the best school in the area. I think they are just jealous and don’t have anything to do so they come here to kill time.

“Those flies are back again?” Sabrina said. She let out a huge sigh knowing that we might have to go through this turmoil for the 3rd year in a row. I haven’t been in a battle or whatever with them but I guess this is the starting line.

Whispers became increasingly more as, “Guys! Listen up! It was Walker and Kalsi that got into that fight!” that sentence was announced by the same boy.

Everyone looked at each other in worry and turned their heads towards us. They looked at us then started whispering again, this time, we were the center of attention!

“You can’t blame it… out of the whole school, they come after us the most.” Zayan said, feeling a bit guilty as she lowers head in shame.

“We just need to beat them to pulp like the last time! Simple!” Sabrina shouted with a thumbs up. It wasn’t as simple, just how I and Shymaa tried to explain after Sabrina finished but failed miserably,
“IT’S NOT THAT SIMPLE, YOU DUMBHEAD!” We shouted, trying to get some sense of responsibility into her dictionary.

Sabrina flinched and tried to keep a straight face as we loomed down on her with faces filled with anger. She took a step back knowing that if she tries to get on our dark side, she is going to die soon.

“Okay, Okay, I get it, so chill!” She said while waving her hands near my face at the odds of us punching her at any time.

“Chill? We aren’t in winter to chill!” Shymaa growled while looking at Sabrina with fiery eyes and with her arms folded.

“Exactly. And besides, why don’t you cool your head off in the freezer, hmm? It seems your brain is starting to heat up in an uncontrollable manner.” I grunted while glaring down at Sabrina making my point very clear.

Sabrina flinched again and averted her eyes from us, “Okay… I’ll be careful with my wo--” Before she could finish, whispers in the room became louder till everyone’s thoughts could be heard. The sudden uproar made us turn our heads to see what was wrong. Much to our surprise, it was the people of today’s talk. Luke and Rohan had finally arrived with bruises and bandages. Luke had a few marks on his hand and on his face as well as an eye-patch to his right eye. Rohan had a few bandages on his face and a few on his right arm. Everyone looked at them and started whispering again but we were just glad the Greenville kids didn’t beat them to death. I pulled Shymaa’s hand and went towards the said students. Sabrina got up and followed along with Zayan and the twins.

“You guys okay?!”
“Dude! What a mess!”
“They didn’t break your bones, did they?!”
“What’s with the many bandages?!”
“They seriously didn’t leave you off the hook, did they….”
“What’s with the eye-patch!?”

We all said the above in a chorus. Still worried like starved puppies, we waited for the said students’ answer. The 2 looked at each other for a moment then let out a chuckle.

“We don’t want a salad, Thank you for asking.” The both said in sync with their normal sarcastic streak.

We all stared at them and blinked once or twice. “Huh?” We said in chorus. We came to realization after a few minutes and we expressed that by saying, “Oh~!” and gave a goofy smile.

“That was so..! Hahaha! You guys were so clueless!!” The both of them burst out in laughter due to our hysterical reaction.

“Oi! You scarred us, you know?!” Sabrina yelled in worry. She stood close to Rohan’s face while glaring at him.

“That’s right! At least tell us before you do something!” I shouted at their faces, making it clear for them.

“Yea, Yea, We will call and tell you that we are gonna get ambushed, right?” Luke said while folding his hands and nodding his head.

“AMBUSHED?!” We yelled in sync. Loud enough for everyone to hear us and cover their ears in annoyance.

“Yea, We will tell you guys during recess, ‘kay?” Rohan reassured us with a calm face.

“Okay then…” Zayan said in doubt.

We weren’t going to leave them off the hook anytime soon! But why don’t we skip the bori-- I mean -- educating periods and move to recess where the cat is out of the bag? Hmm?


“Now explain yourself!” Shymaa yelled into Luke’s ears probably making him deaf. Luke closed his ears and removed the words that had accidentally went in too deep in his ears.

“Loud speaker, lower your volume or I might just die due to noise pollution.” Luke said, his pinky finger trying to get the excess volume out.

“I get it, so I’ll explain, but please do not shout.” Rohan said while taking a few cautious steps back not wanting to be deaf himself.

“Okay,” We all said, excluding Luke who was still busy cleaning his ears.

“All right! So listen well. We were walking to school just 30 minutes before reaching school when a girl came out of nowhere saying that there was stalker behind her. Being the good guys as we were, we followed her to the place that she last saw the stalker, but then she said ‘thanks and goodbye, FOREVER’ and these Greenville bastards jumped out and started to battle us. The patch you see on Luke was because of a guy that punched his eye. We luckily won the battle. Those guys were serious on killing us… you girls should be safe or they might go after you next.” Rohan explained while pointing his index finger at the girls and making his point clear.

“Nee-chan is safe but what about Sabrina, Shymaa and Zayan?” Aiden said in a worrisome tone.

“Since we all live just next to each other, we should take precautions, but I will text you guys that. Right now I need to eat!” Rohan said as he grabbed Luke’s arm and rushed to the canteen. We all looked at each other and sighed. We decided to roam the school during our one hour recess.

“Let’s go! We already wasted 20 minutes and the campus is huge!” I said while calling out to the twins and my buddies. Everyone except Sabrina came to the door as I called out to them. Sabrina from where I was standing seemed to be taking out a piece of paper. I stood there wondering what she was doing until she came up to us and said, “Hey! Can we stop by the principal’s office today?” She came up to us with a pen and paper and was ready to go. “Principal’s office?” We said in sync, all with questioning looks.

-at the principal’s office-

“Excuse me sir, would you be willing to hold a party for the school?” Sabrina said after talking with formalities.

The principal looked at us for a moment and then gave a smirk. “Why, I was thinking about that, but I don’t have anyone to take on the job, will you be willing to accept my offer?” The principal said with a smile.

We all looked at the principal with surprised faces. We were totally not expecting this!! “Yes sir!” We all said in chorus, happy to do the job. And it was an all-day event on top of that! We smiled goofily and took our leave while bowing to the principal.

-while walking home-

“So… we are on the executive committee for the event?” Rohan said as we were walking down the streets to our home.

“Preeetty muuch~” Shymaa said as she was checking her facebook on her mobile.

“So what’s the plan captain?” Sabrina said while sticking her tongue out with a smile on.

I looked at her in amazement and then said, “Your… kidding…right?” I said with a confused face.

“Not. At. All.!” She said in a singsong tone as her house reached.

I stared at her with a dreadful face. “Sabrina…. YOU ARE SO DEAD!!” I yelled so loud enough for her to hear but I guess she just ignored it with her usual smirk.

This is how our day ended. The usual but with some surprises on our way. But that’s what makes life exciting, right?!

-Greenville High at this moment-

“What on earth were you thinking?!” A manly voice spoke up.

“I’m sorry President.” A womanly voice came from the shadows.

“We couldn’t get those two, but we surely can get the girls who are always there with them!”

“They must already know we would be targeting the girls by now.”

“They will be sticking like glue to them!”

“So what? We got a spy don’t we? She will give us all the information we need…”

“I almost forgot about her! She sure is helpful.”

“Next time, don’t leave them off the hook… I want them DEAD.”

What’s with the sudden turn of events?
How is Leia going to manage being the president of the executive committee?
Who is the anonymous spy?

What is going to happen to them?! 

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  1. Good one Suru betooo, but dont use the real names... and places try making a story. But..I liked the way conversation brought out..