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Chapter 7: Time to execute the plan!

Note: Hello every one!! I so sorry for the extremely late delay! I have the other chapters but need to complete them, I'll post them tomorrow, till then, please bear with me!

My eyes start to swirl around as I got up from my afternoon nap. My dream which lasted just moments was too hard to let go, but duty was calling. Still half asleep; I opened the drawer that was beside our couch to take out the planning sheets for the event. Oddly, the drawer that was supposed to be far by an arm’s length suddenly seemed to be too close to my face. I blinked with questioning eyes; scanning the situation which was laid in front of me. I turned my head towards the ceiling while trying to get an idea of where I was sleeping. Good, or odd enough, I was sleeping on the floor. Eye brows narrowed and face twitching, I tried to calm myself down and get up from my weird sleeping position.

“Why don’t you sleep in the bedroom from now on?” A voice came from the shadows and a tall figure slowly bent over to analyze my peculiar but familiar sleeping state. A shiny silver spoon glistened which created a small shadow over my right eye.

“You’re blocking it.” I grumbled while I kept my feet down and gradually got up.

“Time to get up, lazy bum.” Ryan called out while wearing his usual uniform; an apron and a chef’s hat.

I stared at him after I sat up straight, looking at him with curious eyes which starred into the situation. After a while, a smirk slowly got glued to my face.

“What’s with that grin?” Ryan asked with his eyebrows twitching and while taking a few cautious steps back to ensure his safety.

“Who ever that marries you will be getting cuisine for meals.” I said with a grin pasted to my face.

“Huh?” Ryan asked with a hint of annoyance.

“But he is a guy!” Evan said while sitting beside me.

"But it would be better if he was a girl...." Aiden said, catching on my act.

The 3 of us, Aiden, Evan as well as myself, tilted their heads to the left with our arms folded and said in a singsong tone with a sigh given at the end. "If only you were born a girl~"

Ryan, who was finally annoyed, took out his spoon that he was using to stir the soup he made and chased until we were serious on getting a place to hide till the beast had subsided. After a while, the said boy went to the kitchen and continued his cookery without him noticing us who crawled all the way from our hiding place to the living room.

We all sighed in relief when we reached our fortress which is the safest place for us. I took a glance towards the corner of our corridor that leads to our kitchen with sweat drops slowly running down my back.

"We're safe... for now..." I said and made the expression of a lifeless body. Aiden and Evan did the same and flopped on the sofa as their energy had drained.

"Next time, choose your victim wisely?" Daniel said as his glasses reflected the light which was sent from our light bulb. I rubbed my injured eyes and tried to get up as my energy was eaten up trying to plan the all-day event.

"Yeah, Yeah...." I said, grabbing the planning sheets from Daniel and settling down to write the actual plan. The twins looked at me with curious eyes as they had no clue what I was up to. Actually, nothing popped in my mind. No special ideas, no collisions happening in my brain, no nothing! So right now I'm trying to cook something with no ingredients except air.

Evan slowly droops down on my papers, trying to get a glimpse of my progress. His eyes was focused on the papers but didn't notice that I already saw him through the corner of my eye.

"Oi oi! no peeking!" I said, taking the papers to my side and not allowing him to look at it anymore.

"What peeking? You haven't even started!" Evan said, he was as loud as... I don't know, an elephant?

I looked at Evan in protest, not wanting to give in to his obvious answer which hit the nail on my head. After a while, me and Evan had already got into a staring competition type of mode where I'm trying to prove my innocence and where Evan is winning, flawlessly. I don't know any other word that can describe his grin right now... It's way too... big?

After our staring competition in which I lost (without a doubt), a light bulb shone above me. I finally got an Idea for the event! I was lost in thought at how fast I was after my bulb shone and finally decided to write it down. My speeding hand and my pencil's lead which refused to touch the surface of the paper made me really angry. I somehow, just somehow, wrote the plans. I don't know how though. The twins looked at me in amazement, refusing to believe the miracle that happened. Daniel, who looked pretty contented with my performance, simply sat down and sipped his green tea. Ryan, the beast who had finally calmed down-ahem- I mean, our sweet brother who had made snacks for us walked up to me and gave what he would call a "brotherly pat" on my shoulder. I wouldn't call it a "brotherly" pat... I would rather call it a ... "killer' pat... Anyway! back to reality!

"Show us! we wanna see!" Aiden squeaked, wanting to know what I wrote in my planning sheets.

"Wait till tomorrow, you will know then." I said with a grin on my face.

I went to my room and kept the planning sheets in my drawer which had a lock on it so I could keep my important things. The key was inserted in the key hole and gave out an assuring 'click' sound which told me that the drawer is locked. I slowly gave out a sigh of relief and turned around to head towards my bed. My vision started to blur again as my eyes was shut tight. Before I knew it, it was morning.

-That morning (the next day) at recess-

Sabrina's shadow slowly loomed over me as I was eating my food. I looked up at her with no clue of why she had that fierce expression. Suddenly, she took-ahem-stole my chair from me which led me to fall on the ground. She then slyly took my lunch and started to munch on it leaving me on  the floor trying to get up.

"Oi!!! what was that for?!?" I shouted after I got up and got really close to her face.

"It's called a 'punishment'." She said, emphasizing the word 'punishment'.

"Punishment my foot!! Now cut to the chase already!!" I screamed in her face having lost my patience.

"Where are the sheets?"

"Sheets? what?"

"You know what I'm talking about."

"And you know when I say 'Cut to the chase' you dumb head!!!" I yelled, this time at the top of my voice. Sabrina squeaked because I haven't ever been this angry in front of her while the twins keep munching their lunch.

"Okay okay!! I'm asking where the plan is!" She said. A voice came out later to reveal 4 others who were as curious as Sabrina.

"Where is it?"
"Is it done?"
"You can get help from us, you know."
"thanks for your hard work!"

"Okay okay, sit down, I'll explain." I said and everybody sat down with eager faces on.

"So, listen up! Here the plan. First we need the choices or plans of what all the classes are gonna do, this is the first stage of the event. And since I asked class rep to tell us what we are doing as a class, we don't need to worry about it anymore, so don't worry about our class, worry about the costume. It's because we will be doing a gender-bender cafe. Everyone of the girls will dress up as boys and vise-versa. The second is where we come in. The first half of the day, is for guests. It's only going to last a couple of hours. But from 3pm to late night is only for students. In this time period, we have the ball between 6pm to 8pm, concerts, games which includes the beauty contest or best couple contest and plays from 3pm onwards. The all-day game is a secret for now since I still need to discuss about it with the principal. From 8pm onwards is barbecue time!! So... how is it?" I end my plans with a huge smile on my face.

Everyone looked at me with amazement in their eyes, knowing that this is just 3/4 of the plan I created and its just brief on top of it.

"Amazing Leia!"
"So this was what you were writing yesterday..."
"Its great though!"
"I knew this genius would get something in that amazing head of hers!"
"So lucky~ we get so much~"
"You are one hyper person, aren't you?"

As we were laughing and having fun, we didn't realize the sound of a camera recording us the whole time...

"Done! just wait and see Leia, you picked on the wrong girl..." A voice snickered in the shadows without our notice.  

"Just you wait and see...
When you see...
Your friends...
Cut in half...
with blood all over...
And we...
The Students of GREENVILLE HIGH...
will finally be the VICTOR..."

Just who was that? Taking a video of them?
What will happen to them?
Who is the secret spy?
Stay tuned to find out!

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