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Prologue of "Crystal Wings"

Hello everyone and I'm really sorry about the late update. I've decided on trying to make my three core genres in writing improve and the three genres are Comedy, Drama and Mystery. With this said, I'll be making a new novel which will be helped by two of my friends who will be my editors and it's because of them that the title and the story was made. I'll be using their idea (credits on the main overall idea go to them) and making their story. Hopefully, my grammar would have improved and slightly better than the sloppy stories I did before. So I present to you, "Crystal Wings" Prologue!

Genres: Drama, Mystery and slight Comedy
Age Rating: 13+
Author: Suraiya Noor Fathima
Editors: Oumniya Ayoob and Reem.


11 years ago.

The glass made sound as the rain started to pour heavier. Paper sheets got crumbled by the force of my father's hands. The dough got flatter with each blow my mother landed on it. The cries of my sister go unheard in this large mansion. I looked around; my mother then my father, but none of them reacted to the sad weeping sounds of my other half. I sat there, near the window covered with droplets. My eyes looked beyond our garden and into the streets where children played. While my eyes were focused on those children, my mind was somewhere else. The place where my sister laid was stuck like glue to my memories. I turned in swift movement and looked in the direction of the stairs which led to her room. 

I jumped down from my couch and headed towards those stairs. The rain kept pouring with each step I took. My eyes scanned the place where my mom stood, not wanting her to run and get me back down. My right hand swiftly moved the bangs which covered my eyes, allowing me to see the way I was walking. The stairs seems to be never ending. My fears coming back to me but I just shunned them away. My sister was more important to me and yet my small hand never reached her. Her pale skin matched her complexion but her eyes which were dyed in the most beautiful blue color showed no emotion.

The paintings in my house were quite the odd ones if you ask me. Some were of tragedy while some were of happiness. But the weird thing is, my sister's room had all the tragedy ones and I had all the happy ones. I wonder if it's just a coincidence but my heart said otherwise. As I walked towards her room, I noticed the paintings in the corridor that led to the said person's room. As I expected, all of them had death scenes in them. I roughly scanned them, trying to get an idea of what the scene represented and what it exactly meant. 'Weird…' I thought as I continued with my normal stride. I did happen to cross some disturbing ones, but I didn't stare at them for long.

'Sister's room… sister's room…' I thought as I kept searching for her room in this 4 year old body of mine. With much effort, I was able to find her room. My hand hovered over the door handle with doubt. Her emotionless eyes scared me sometimes but she was my sister; a sister who will always be there for me. And yet, my small hands went numb for a second. The person inside flung the door open and stood there, staring at my face with a cold smile. My thoughts all but disappeared. I wanted to tell how much I missed her but I couldn't say anything. All the words got stuck in my throat and I began to sweat. She wasn't like this before, it was only today. My head dropped immediately; hiding my face from her. She kept staring but without a smile, Not at all amused by my actions.

"H-How A-Are Y-You..?" I stuttered and mentally cursed myself at what I was saying. I clenched my hands with a tight grip. My head still down; being unable to face her.

She looked at me for a while and smiled after a moment's pause. "Come in Maria. Don't just stand there outside! Why don't we play with my tea set?" She suggested, throwing a smile at me as she opened the door wide enough for me to enter.

My head looked at her with an excited expression and she smiled back at me. "Thank you!" I exclaimed and entered the room which my parents forbade me to enter. The room was beautifully decorated but the paintings still caught my eye but I shook my head and forget about their presence. I just wanted to sit down and have some tea with a sister I loved. I don't remember if it was bad or anything as outrageous as that.

"I'm fine, thank you for asking!" She replied with a jolly voice. I looked at her as she gestured for me to take the tea cup in her hand. I accepted her seemingly innocent approach and made myself seem comfortable in her presence.

She looked at me for a moment before taking another sip from her tea-less cup. "So how are you?" She asked me; her smile which turned slightly sinister.  "Good~ I'm having fun everyday~" My answer was jolly; unaffected by her silent glare.

"You are having fun, eh?" She said. Taking another sip and looking at me with demanding eyes.

"Huh?" I questioned her; confused by her question.

"Getting pampered by mom and dad so much… I'm so jealous…~" She said with a light tone which clearly hinted that something was wrong.

"P-Pampered? I-I'm n-not getting p-pampered at all!" I snapped but tried to stay calm.


"What? B-but..."

"I said leave."

"Sister! Listen to me!"

We started to argue. Me on one side, trying to convince her and her on another side, insisting on me leaving.
"You are like them. The same selfish minds."

The rain outside started getting heavier and heavier and thunder could be heard loud and clear.

"Leave now. Mom, Dad and You. All same. You left my side. You ignored me. My trust."

She looked at me with the pair of eyes I could never forget no matter how hard I tried. Thunder struck at the precise moment that lightning struck. Her words got emphasized by nature's fury. I couldn't remember anything after she said those two words. Everything sounded fuzzy and my eye sight blurred. After that, I couldn't remember anything related to her. I wanted to forget forever. But those words still remain in my heart and questions remain unanswered. In that room where thunder and lightning struck at the same time, her figure illuminated by the light and the paintings that made that sentence even worse added a huge effect to my life. No one knew, neither did I, that after that, I would be scarred for life. 

"You’re a betrayer."


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