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Envy : A poem about the start of all evils.

I know I haven't been posting as much but I'm posting this and another poem so that my blog doesn't remain empty. Hey, It's at least better than nothing. Enjoy!


Oh you green eyed one,
Thou entered the world,
Where peace and harmony was entangled,
Till you stepped through those chained doors,
And spoke those deadly words,
Which resonated through the world,
And shattered it like a mirror,
Hitting its weakest point.

Beautiful emerald eyes that you possess,
Enchanted all with a forbidden spell.
It triggered the gates of hell to open,
And free your children who have poisonous fangs.
Their venom spread like an epidemic,
Leaving no one to spare.
Only few were cured but the rest became demon-like,
And ruled the world with their evil eyes.

Many tried to resist,
Their success rate dropped.
Many tried to hide,
Hypocrites grew in number.
Warning was given to the precious few,
But the green eyed monster knew.

A correct description was never given,
A suitable name was never chosen.
His Children flooded the lands of all.
And fear was established in every being's heart.
Yet someone's courage wasn't deflated,
To combine a warning and a description,
Writing it down in his diary,
Before he crumbled and joined the majority.

"Neither does he know forgiveness, nor does he know Kindness.
Merciless and Hateful, yet he feigns ignorance.
Thou should not cross the path of he for,
The next thing that thee shall see is a pool of blood.

And a smiling young man named Envy. "

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