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My Wonderland

Another poem! Hope you enjoy~

My Wonder Land

Fairies aren't real.
Monsters don't live under my bed.
Life isn't always easy.
I know all that,
Yet why do they accuse me?

My dairy doesn't have magic spells.
I'm not as small as tinker bell.
There is nothing such as never land.
I understand all that,
Yet why do they laugh at me?

I know I can't fly.
I know I can never have a Genie.
I know witches don't exist.
I know I'm a teenager.
So why do they ridicule me?

I know fairy tales don't exist.
I know how humanity really is.
I know what they are really thinking right now.
I know that I might be far from reality.
And I know what I should do to make my fairy tale come true.

I'm not a wizard,
But I'll make my parents happy.
I'm not a princess,
But I'll make my friends' live freely.
I'm not King Midas,
But I'll make people's lives rich with happiness.

They can keep laughing,
While I'll enjoy my life without a care.
They can keep ridiculing,
While I'm helping others out.
They can abandon humanity,
While I will stick to it.

I know where the key is,
The key to wonderland.
I know how to obtain magic,
The magic of a wizard.
If you follow me and many others,
You will find the key to all your questions.

Come and join me,
You will find happiness and so many friends.
Grab my hand,
And hold on tight.
Because it's time to ride this magic carpet,

And fly to the airport of my Wonderland. 

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