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Crystal Wings Episode 1: A familiar Aura

The first chapter/episode of "Crystal Wings"! *claps* I hope you all enjoy this!

Genres: Drama, Mystery and slight Comedy.

Age rating: 13+


It was a sunny morning. The birds were chirping outside, their songs filled with love and happiness. The manor was in complete peace. And by peace, I mean that there wasn't a certain someone jumping to transport herself to different places which would eventually lead to some broken vases here and there which later on the maids would have to clean up. Basically, there was no chaos. The maids were making breakfast for the morning as the Manor's Mistress' maids were packing up her clothes.

But where was the all important Mistress of the Mansion?




You got that right, She was sleeping as the Manor was bustling with work to do which didn't involve cleaning up the mess the Mistress made. And that Mistress, is, me. The alarm rang like a fire truck, vibrating violently, almost falling off the table beside my bed. My sleepy arm slowly hovered over the alarm and dropped down on it, causing it to fall over and snooze itself from causing any more damage to my poor and delicate ears. I think I broke the alarm though.

My personal maid started losing her patience as she stood beside me, watching me as I do my usual silly routine. "Another Alarm gone to waste... Oh Mistress..." She said and sighed heavily. Her eye brows rose up in annoyance and sarcasm. Nothing could be done for my pitiful state. She walked over to me, her eyes scanning the situation like she does every single day. However, today was special. It was THE day. Like, with capital letters. And even I would do what she will do on this day. Heck, if I was her, I would use a hammer to wake myself up.

Ouch. That would hurt. Anyhow, back to her!

She grabbed my blanket which I wrapped myself around like a sushi. And then, with a powerful yank, she made me throw myself across the room with cries of pain escaping my lips.

"Christine... You're so mean!" I cried out, rubbing my head as I slowly sat up. Christine stood there with a blank stare and picked up my blanket as she folded it. "Mistress, do you know what is the date today?" Christine spoke up, keeping the folded blanket on my messy bed. She looked behind at me, adjusting her glasses to make sure her gaze is powerful enough.

I flinched and started fidgeting with my fingers. I didn't understand what she said but I tried to comprehend the words she spoke. "Well.. it's the 25th of March...?" I suggested, thinking that it might answer Christine's sudden question. "And..?" Christine said, continuing her interrogation (?).

"Isn't there somewhere important you have to go today since it will decide where you study?" Christine hinted. Oh for the love of god, how I would have smacked myself before that. I was so stupid! How didn't I pick up on it before? Oh wait, I'm stupid. Duh.

"Ah!! I'm late for my flight!!" I exclaimed and stood up as fast as I could. "Why didn't you wake me up before?!" I said, or rather, shouted, as I took off my clothes and scurried off to take a bath before I reach to the airport late. But of course, I was already late. "It would seem inappropriate for me to wake the Mistress up after she has silenced the alarm clock." Christine said and shot a smile before I left to take a shower. She turned away and started packing up the important things I needed like my passport, my flight details, the tickets, my phone, address book and lots more.

"Don't put the blame on me~!!" My screams could be heard even outside my room which made the maids who passed by giggle at my rather childish act.

My name is Maria. Maria Mackenzie. I'm a 15 year old happy-go-lucky girl from Britain. Yes, I live in a Manor. But soon enough, I'll be living with my personal Maid in Japan, Tokyo. Yes, I'm not the morning person but don't get scared of me! I'm just your sweet girl...

Currently, I'm trying to get ready so that I can leave for my flight which I am already late for. I'm going to Tokyo International Highschool for my first year of highschool. My dad wants me to go there so that we would be able to meet each other more since he has a business in Japan. If you're thinking where my mom is, you don't have to ask. I have not heard of my mom for a really long time and my father wishes not to speak of her name or her whereabouts or basically anything about. But I don't want to associate my complicated family relationship with my personality. I'm just your normal sweet and kind teen so don't hesitate to ask me for anything!

"Mistress!! We're getting late!!" Christine called out to me and she sounded slightly frantic. Guess I'm seriously getting late, huh? Well, I'll talk later. Better go and get ready!

"I'm coming!!" I yelled out and got out of the shower, getting in my clothes as fast as I could before putting my make up and doing my hair. After 30 minutes, I was done. I ran out and walked down stairs. "I won't be able to eat here, please eat to you fill. I'll eat at the airport!" I announced as I walked outside. Looks like Christine already has all the important stuff with her in the car. "Come on Mistress!" She called out once again but I was trying to run high heels! That's not as easy as it seems, you know. "I'm coming~ Wait up~" I whined but walked at the fastest pace I could go at.

"Have a safe journey Mistress." All the maids formed a line on both sides of the door as I walked out. They were so sweet but I couldn't say anything since I had to rush things up. Before I knew, time passed by.

1 Hour has passed and we actually aren't late! Phew! That's a relief, isn't it? I'm currently savoring the food I'm eating at the airport in one of the restaurants. Christine stared at me; a blank expression which was pasted on her face got replaced by a sigh. I noticed her sigh and looked at her with questioning eyes. "What's wrong?" She looked at me and sighed once again which made me flinch in annoyance. "Would you please tell me what is on my face that is causing you to sigh?" I asked her with my usual face which formed a pout. "Whatever the food might be, The Mistress of the famous British Mackenzie family will always enjoy it... Somehow, I don't understand the logic behind it anymore." Christine said before sighing for the third time. "That's because I'm different!" I said, with my usual reply and stood up. "I'll go to the restroom." I said and walked off as Christine waved at me when I left.

"Stupid Christine..." I walked into the female's restroom, washing my hands so that I could refresh myself. "I hope I get some good friends in Japan~" I hummed to myself before wiping my hands with a tissue and disposing it in the dustbin beneath the sink.

My feet, after getting my permission, started to walk out. 'Now then, what should I buy once I get there?' I thought to myself and took out my IPhone; updating my facebook status and tweeting in Twitter. However, I didn't notice that someone was right in my path. And like always, I clumsily bumped into the other person, resulting in both of us falling.



Both of us fell. "Ah! I'm so sorry!" I said after understanding the situation. I started picking up the things the other person dropped as well as my own stuff. "I'm so sorry! I should have been seeing where I was going!" I apologized once again after picking up the other person's stuff as I got up, helping the other person to their feet as well.

"It's fine. I should have watched where I was going as well." A response came from the other person. With curiosity, I looked up to see who the person was. Standing in front of me was a beautiful woman whose eyes were really familiar. However, I couldn't put my finger on it. "Ah, I have to leave now." She said and took her things hastily and walked away after thanking me. I just stood there; awe-inspired by the woman. 'Maria! Snap out of it!' I thought and shook my head violently, realizing that my flight's number had been called out for departure.

"Ah! I have to leave!" As soon as I was about to leave, I noticed I stepped on something unfamiliar. I looked down and found an I.D card. I picked it up with my curious self. I really wanted to read it but I had to shove it in my pocket since Christine dragged me to the departure gate so that we would leave for Japan.

After much confusion at the departure gate, we got to board our flight and sit on our comfy first class seats. I kept my handbag down and relaxed in my seat as the passengers rolled in the aircraft. 'Ah! The I.D card I got...' I thought and took out my I.D card.

"Mistress? Whose I.D card is that?" Christine interrupted me as I was analyzing the I.D card of the stranger I bumped into. "This is the I.D card of a woman that I ran into outside the rest rooms. She forgot it there." I looked at it and it read 'Tokyo International School: Highschool Section. Aria Thompson.' "A school I.D card? And it looks like it's from your school, Mistress." Christine said as she read the contents of the I.D card.

Somehow, it didn't click as much for me. I seriously feel like I've met her elsewhere, but where? Her Aura is also very familiar. It's so familiar that it's creeping me out. I kept the I.D card in my hand bag and started chit chatting with Christine who was the least bit concerned in having to talk to me. But she is a sweetheart, can't ignore that.

"Welcome, dear Passengers. I hope you enjoy your flight to Tokyo, Japan." The captain's voice resonated through the plane as he gave his usual welcome speech, as I would like to call it.

"I wonder how life if going to be in Tokyo~" I said with a sing along tone, stretching my arms as I reclined in my seat. "All I know is that if you don't wake up early, you are going to get some scoldings from the teacher." Christine said sarcastically, teasing me as usual.

Our bickering went on like usual, but on the other side of the world, in Tokyo, Jack Mackenzie who was the Father of Maria Mackenzie (who is myself, I know) was leaning on his chair.

"I hope those two don't cross paths... Ar-- No, Miss Thompson.. Stay away from Maria.." He mumbled to himself. The lights were on low lighting with his pilled up paper sheets on the table behind him.


We are off to a good start, I must say! XD I hope I have the same amount of energy next week too! :DD Thank you everyone! You know what to do~ :3

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  1. Nice one..Suru betoo,
    two expressions...I liked...
    1. Standing in front of me was a beautiful woman whose eyes were really familiar. However, I couldn't put my finger on it.
    2. My feet, after getting my permission, started to walk out.
    Good one....
    Waiting to see the next part....