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Crystal Wings Episode 2: A new life.

Hello Everyone~!! I'm so sorry for the late update but this is because I wanted to post this, UTSS (Under the same sun) and an Easter special on the exact same day. So here is what you wanted, folks! And, Christine's full name is Christine Roussell. Sorry for the confusion!

When speaking in Japanese, this is the font that will be used: "Hello"When speaking in English, This is the font that will be used: "Hello"Genres: Drama, Mystery and slight Comedy

Age Rating: 13+

Disclaimer: Every character, place and anything used are purely fictional and any similarities with real people and places are absolutely coincidental.



"ess.. Mistress..."

"Hn... Don't disturb me... I'm cuddling with my cupcake.."

"stress... Mistress... Please wake up.."

"No... I wanna cuddle with my cupcake.."

"Mistress, You broke the 10th Alarm we bought..."

"Cupcake~ My sweetie~ Muwah~"

Chistine sighed heavily. Her arms akimbo as she looked down on me. I was sleeping in such a manner that she would roll around laughing but she couldn't. Why? It was the first day of school and I was sleeping in where as Christine had already gotten ready.

She looked down on me with a displeased face before walking out to godknowswhere. I twitched in my sleep, hugging my pillow and allowing my already messy hair to become even more messed up. I was in my over sized pink t-shirt with some comfortable navy blue pants which were now covered in wrinkles due to my recklessness. I tightened my grip on my pillow which made me squeal since I was imagining an adorable cupcake instead.

While I was snoozing off, Christine came back with a bowl of cold water. With eyes of ice and motion of a mouse, she swiftly walked towards me and kept the bowl high above my head before turning it upside down.

SPLASH! The icy cold water hit my face which made me wake up in the most horrible way possible a fraction of a second later.

"IT'S WINTER OH MY GAWD!" I exclaimed when I woke up due to the icy cold water. My eyes widened with fear in them as I sat up shivering with my arms wrapping my body to help preserve heat. My teeth started to chatter as I shuddered hard. My head sharply turned to face Christine who was whistling and packing my bag without a care.

"You could have woken me up in a normal way, you know." I scowled, my expression turning into a pout as I grabbed my pillow and hugged it with my childish self. Christine turned around and looked at me with a 'that-would-never-work-on-you' expression. I looked down with a frown, tightening the clasp on the pillow.

"It's 7:03 AM Mistress. You can either wake up or be late to your first day at a new school." Christine said and began to walk out. "Please get ready within 35 minutes or we will be late. School starts at 8:30 AM."

I blinked. Maybe I blinked too many times because after a couple of seconds I whined in pain. '35 minutes?! No way!' I thought and got up, setting my blanket aside. I walked to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, flossed, and all the stuff. 'I have to get ready, now.' I ran up to the closet and grabbed my new uniform- a white short sleeved shirt with some embroidery at the end of the sleeves. A tie with many stripes that were both vertical and horizontal and it's colors was mainly composed of red (the color of first year students) and the rest being black, white and golden. A skirt which was striped in the same way as the tie and baggy socks with cute shoes.

I think you can picture how my uniform looks like, right? After inspecting my absolutely amazing uniform, I wore it and put on my make with after fixing my hair. Withing 20 minutes, I was done. But, I still have to eat. Great. Now I have to spend just 10 minutes on eating which I would rather take 30 minutes on.

"Mistress!" Christine called. Now I was extremely late. "I'm coming!" I shouted out to her before running down stairs. We had a house but nothing expensive since I didn't want to live in such a way for a while. I hurried towards the dining table and ate my food rather quickly. Christine just sat across the table, sipping on her tea as she read the newspaper.

"Oh Mistress. You are indeed very early today." She said. Eyeing me to make the feeling worse.

"Cut the crap, Christine. You know I'm not a morning person so don't rub it in." I said, my pout being fairly visible as I finished eating my food and drinking a glass of water. Christine got up and took both our bags. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, Christine is 16 years old and in my grade. That's the reason why she is going to school with me. Not only that, we're really close friends.

"Mistress, I'll be waiting outside the door with our bags!" She announced before walking outside. I grabbed my new black shoes and wore them as quickly as I could. My shoes were a brand new pair of converse shoes. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them. I walked outside and took my bag from Christine who was waiting outside. She walked over to the door and locked it as I waited with our bags. When was done, I gave her bag to her and started walking towards our school.

"It's going to be an amazing school year...~" I hummed in a cheerful voice as Christine chuckled in the background. I eyed her with yet another pout but she only patted my head playfully. "Now, Mistress, You do know that won't work on me, right?" She said with a laugh. Don't mock me.. But of course, nothing works on the all powerful Christine.

I had light brown hair which slowly became blonde near the end. Christine had Auburn hair. My hair swayed in the air, giggling and playing with the wind which would make it occasionally fall on my face. "Oh yeah!" I turned to look at Christine as we got close to our school. "You have to call me Maria when in school, okay? I don't want to seem like some overly rich idiot." She smiled at me and gave a nod. I really didn't want to be found out. Britain was different and here it is as well.

Soon enough, we reached the gates of our new school. My smile became wider as I gazed upon the magnificent structure. The students would stop and stare at the odd foreigners who stood infront of their school gate, just staring at the school with a smile. "Uh.. Mis-- I mean, Maria, We need to go." Christine nudged me. I looked at her and smiled before walking into the school with swift steps filled with grace and confidence.

I'm pretty sure we grabbed a lot of attention since I could feel many people looking at us as we walked through the huge campus before reaching our designated class. We were in the same class and how I thank the lord above for letting this miracle happen. Why? Me and Christine have never been in the same class, ever. And I'm not even kidding.

"Are we supposed to stay outside till the teacher arrives?" I sighed heavily. Christine just gave me a weird glance and nodded to my question. Great. We were early but we have to wait till the teacher gets there. We had to wait till 8:30 AM and when the teacher arrived, I could feel all the muscles in my body just getting back all their energy within a fraction of a second.

"Come in, Mackenzie-san and Roussell-san." The teacher called out to the both of us who stood outside. I kept dreaming about my new school life where as Christine kept poking me in order to wake me up. 

"Yes Sir!" I said and walked in to the bustling class with Christine. Our streaks could be differentiated- mine being slightly shy and Christine's being more confident and laid back. We walked up to the Teacher and stood to his left, having enough space between him, myself and Christine. The teacher then picked up an electronic pen and tapped it on the smartclass board. Within a few seconds, our names were shown in Japanese as well as English. The class was some what like an American University class. Everyone had Laptops which was indeed very advanced. My eyes scanned the class, peering in every single spot. Christine just sighed under her breath. 

"Well, Mackenzie-san, why don't you introduce yourself?" He said and smiled at me kindly. Our teacher was very experienced and slightly old. Old people are sweet which just touched my heart. I nodded at him and turned towards the students. 

"My name is Mackenzie Maria from Britain. I came here due to family reasons. I hope I can get along with all of you!" I said and bowed according to the tradition of any transfer student that came to Japan. Everyone started to mumble, passing silent comments which couldn't reach my ears. But I was probably too oblivious to think that they were bad mouthing me. Actually, they didn't. They were being sweet and excited that a foreigner was in their class. Surprising enough, the class in which we were designated to was in fact the only class with no bullying at all, absolutely sweet and it was a unique class. 

"Roussell-san? What about you?" The teacher called out to the Auburn haired girl. Christine gave a small but sincere smile and spoke up, "The name's Roussel Christine. Let's get along." She introduced herself with limited information. It was short and crisp. She then bowed according to tradition.

Everyone seemed happy to see us. My eyes were filled with happiness at the thought that I won't have trouble blending in with everyone.

"Thompson-san, As class president, could you please show them around for a week?"

"It's my pleasure."
A girl with dark brown hair which had blue near the tips walked up to us. She had clear blue eyes which were a sign that she was also a foreigner. She had a soft smile on her face. My face froze. Wait, Scratch that, my whole body froze. She was the same girl I bumped into at the airport! I looked at her in shock but Christine wasn't enlightened. She smiled. I could literally feel the sudden tension that engulfed my body. She was extremely familiar but why? Where have I seen her other than the airport? Most of all, why do I feel so nervous around her?

"How do you do?" She tilted her head to her left with a smile. My smile was tensed but I gathered the courage to tell her the answer to her question. "A-Ah, W-What..? Oh yeah, I'm f-fine.. Thank you." I nervously answered the other. Well, that was a fail.

All I knew was that this wasn't a great beginning because I could feel my red tomato face which heated up due to embarrassment. 'This is just gr--' My thoughts got interrupted by the president of the class who spoke in English.

"Long time no see, Maria."

"Wait... What?"

She smiled at me. Rather than smile, she smirked at me evilly. The hair on my skin stood up with slight fear. Who was she? How does she know me? What on earth? "Ah... L-Long T-Time no see...?"

Why is this happened to me? I screamed internally while keeping my expressions calm.