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Episode 3 of Crystal Wings: Unexpected answers

'Move, Maria, What is wrong with you all of a sudden?' Christine cursed at my stupid self silently as she stood beside me; the human statue who was stuck to her place. I tried to move but every time I tried to, I stopped in my tracks fearing that I would fall over and hit my face flat on the marble-tiled floor of the class or fall backwards and hit the poor blackboard which wasn't really supposed to get hurt along with my steel hard head. Don't blame me for being clumsy! It's a hereditary thing, alright! Or that's my theory.

"Ah, my apologies Sir, May we head to our seats now?"

Aria spoke up. Her eyes that could pierce you any moment  swiftly changed to the eyes that a dandelion would have; if they had eyes that is. Not that I would know of a flower like that.

"Yes, You may take your seats." The teacher said before turning his attention to the person who was staring at Aria in a weird way, as if trying to figure out the mechanics of the person, which was myself. 

"Mackenzie-san?" He spoke with slight confusion in his voice which caught me completely off guard. As I turned my head slightly, I could see him facing me with a smile across his lips. Great, now I'm inclined to respond to you with a smile. Gosh, why do people have to be so nice sometimes?

"Yes Sir?" I replied with a smile as to not disappoint the teacher. I wouldn't want him going to the staff room and spreading nasty gossip stuff about me if I acted in accordance to the awkward situation that had befallen me from the depths of hell, probably.

"You will be sitting beside Thompson-san so that you can get used to this class a bit more easily. And, Roussel-san?" 

"Yes Sir? What is it?"

The once human like statue turned her head and looked at the humble teacher with a professional smile. Her eyes were filled with this mysterious light that showed us so much hope whenever she shot at us with those eyes. 'Here we go again...' I thought and sighed internally. The teacher smiled back and turned back to the class before his lips parted, "Sitting next to Mackenzie-san would be a good idea.. I hope that it's alright with you." He said and glanced back at Christine to see her reaction. She simply smiled once and nodded her head with utmost courtesy indicating that she agreed with the teacher.

'Isn't she sweet.... Damn.' I thought and looked, or rather, stared at Christine with envious yet skeptical eyes that tried to pierce into that goody-goody looking aura but got mentally kicked by the so-called-role-model-for-people-that-is-just-some-monster.

"You may take your respective seats. Thompson-san, please guide them." The teacher suddenly spoke up which kind of broke the mental kung fu battle within which me and Christine were fighting. I flinched, remembering my encounter with Thompson-san. Wait, did I just address her like a Japanese person? Oh my god. Well, now I know that Japanese culture can hypnotize you. That's a great way to start my first days in Japan. 

"Let's go. We can't keep Sensei waiting." Words that had small thorns attached to them pierced through my library of thoughts that kept flooding my brain. Jeez, why does she have to be mean? However, my thought didn't make much sense since Miss Thompson looked back at me and Christine with a kind smile. 'Did her words spill out her real nature? Is that why she smiled at us? So she could cover up the flop she made?' Bunch of questions invaded my mind. I still didn't have a clear answer so I decided to leave it at that. 

A figure started walking in front of me as Miss Thompson led the way. To my surprise, I found out that I panicked for no reason. Yep, I found that I was acting stupid on the first day. Well, it's confusing. So let me break it down for you.

I panicked because I was day dreaming and I suddenly saw a figure in front of me that was following Miss Thompson. I got really scared because I thought it was some tall guy who was extremely scary looking but then realised that it was just Christine who was glaring at me since I was daydreaming in class. Stupid me.

Miss Thompson, or rather, Aria lead us to our seats as the class resumed. However, students kept glancing at us, turning their heads and whispering stuff to their friends. Aria took her seat elegantly. No, I'm serious. She literally tidied her skirt, swiftly pushed the irritating bangs away and sat down like a freaking-elegant-forever-queen. I took a glance at the said female before deciding that it was enough staring and more sitting down. So, I sat down and took my seat.

Christine sat beside me, just like how the teacher had instructed her to do. She opened her book like a normal student as the teacher started to teach. She even wrote down notes. One of her nerves started to pop and could be seen. She turned her head to face me and glared at me intently. Ah, she's mouthing something to me! I realise what her actions were trying to convey and so I looked attentively at Christine's message.

'Pay attention to the class, you idiot.' I imagined the sentence that Christine mouthed to me, just to see if they made any sense at all. '...' I kept staring till I realised that Christine was mouthing the stupid me to look away. However, before I could even do so, 
"Mackenzie-san! Please pay attention to the class!" The teacher called out to me and resumed his teaching when he noticed that I heard him. The other students started to giggle at the scene that they just saw. Great, I became a comedian on my first day. Well, At least no one hates me. Or so I thought.


And that signals the start of recess! Now... I feel so horrible. My head lifted up in excitement but soon dropped down as I realised that I had no friends to spend the recess with. Except Christine, of course, but still. As I kept whining in my head and looking like some homeless puppy on the outside, Christine walked up to me and stood next to me with a face that spelled out, 'Why-am-I-not-surprised.' A few minutes, or so I felt, passed before I got hit on the head with my own lunch box. I didn't get hit that hard, but it was hard enough to pull me outside of my thought-land. 

"Owwie~! Why did you hit me?" I whined before looking to my right and up at the person who hit me. It was Christine. And I don't know if I'm exaggerating but I promise that if you stuck a mustache like Hitler's onto her face, she would be his living gender bent clone. To that thought, I started to laugh which made Christine all the more confused. 

"You're so weird." She said, commenting on the way I was laughing. "You just realised?" I said, questioning in a sarcastic way that she hadn't noticed my weird behavior until now. "Oh no no, I did realise way back then but I just didn't mention it since you're too weird for you to understand that you're weird." She said immediately after I questioned her with absolutely no cracks in her voice. I stopped my laughter and looked at her with a comical confused look. "What do you mean? Now I'm confused." I said and looked at her with a puppy-dog face, urging her to explain her words. "....What's the use." Christine let out a sigh and looked away in disappointment where as I was still confused as to what she meant.

"Hey! You're the transfer student right?" Out of the corner of my eye came out a sporty girl that was slightly taller than me with dark brown hair and boyish hair cut. "Uh... Yeah! Actually, both of us are the new transfer students." I said and pointed my index finger at myself and Christine to which Christine decided it would be a good mannered reaction to face the classmate that approached them. "Haru-chan! Don't just run like that..!" Another girl popped up with a girl who was right behind her. "We aren't as athletic as you are, you know!" The both said in harmony before stopping right next to the sporty girl. There were three of them now- the sporty girl, the girl with bleached hair that goes slightly below her shoulders and the girl with a bob hairstyle that was a natural shade of black.
"Ack-- We haven't even introduced ourselves!" The sporty girl said and apologized for not introducing herself. Is it a custom here? Oh well. The sporty girl kept her hand on her chest and went ahead with her introduction, "I'm Haruka Fujimoto and this is," and then she showed the next person who was the girl with bleached hair, "Kiri Machida and that is," She then showed us the last person, the girl with black hair, "Akane Kuno." And thus, I have to remember their names. It isn't a burden or something. It's just that Japanese names, especially their last names, are harder to memorize. But, it's a good thing I learnt Japanese in England. It would be really embarrassing if I didn't even know how to talk in Japanese when I have to live here.

"My name is Maria Mackenzie and this Christine Roussel." I didn't want to waste much time with our introductions so I went ahead with our introduction because it's nice to do so and I wouldn't want to be labelled as a mean girl or hurt anybody's feelings.

"Nice to meet you three." Christine said with her usual friendly smile. Haruka was twiddling with her thumbs before she finally decided to speak up. "So... can we be your friends?" She asked, slightly hesitant as to what the foreigners, might think of her. "But it's not because you're foreigners that we want to be friends with you. No ill intentions. It's just that you seem like really fun people. And weird. Like us. So...! That's why we want to be your friends so please don't hate--" The brunette said while trying her best not to sound like some rude douche. Well, she didn't sound rude to me at all. I don't get how she thought so. Letting out a chuckle, "Yeah, Sure. I would love to be friends with you guys!" I said with an energetic voice and a smile to boost. "Really? That's great!" Haruka high-fived Kiri, Akane, Christine and myself. We all decided to sit together for lunch and eat our food before the bell rings. 

It was nice; laughing, chit-chatting and eating together. It was nice to have friends in this completely new country. Thus was the start of a friendship, which would last long.

The bell rang, we arranged our seats and lessons continued as per the class timetable. But we did whatever a normal student would do. You know the drill; write notes, concentrate in class while day dreaming a few times, wish the teachers, chat when you get the opportunity to, get scolded for talking or dozing off in class and then repeat the whole cycle again. Before I even knew it, school ended and it was time to go home.

We were all packing our bags and chit chatting with each other as everyone started to leave except us and Aria. 
"Why don't we drop by McDonald's?" Haruka suddenly suggested and it seemed like a good idea to me. "I'm fine with it." Christine replied and then looked at me for an answer. "Sure, I'm down for it." I gave my reply and then looked at Kiri and Akane with a smile lining my lips. "Definitely!" Kiri exclaimed energetically, "My family won't mind," and Akane replied as well along with her smile which suited her delicate nature. "Woohoo! then let's go!" Haruka exclaimed and fist pumped the air to which the rest of us fist pumped the air as well.

We kept talking and it was a nice and cosy atmosphere that surrounded us. However, I caught a glimpse of Aria through the corner of my eye. How does she know me? Is she some stalker? Several questions popped in my mind. Instead of minding my own business and walking away, I decided to confront her.

"Guys, you go ahead of me. I want to look around a bit more. I'll meet you at the entrance gate." I said to my friends, including Christine. I didn't want them to get involved. I'm sure it wouldn't take that long. Or so I thought. "Huh? You and your weird ways. Haha! Alright then, see you at the gate!" Haruka said with a chuckle and left with Christine, Akane and Kiri. Christine, however, kind of realised that I was acting fishy. Her eyes gave me that feeling. What I'm surprised about is that she actually left me alone. Guess she trusts me a bit more now.. I waited at the doorway of our class and waved at my friends who were walking away. As soon as the last person, Christine's shadow disappeared as she walked downstairs, Aria got up with her bag and walked towards the door. My ears picked up her movements and I immediately blocked the entire door with my body and with a, "You're not going anywhere until you answer my questions!" 

Aria looked at me and quirked her right eyebrow to my weird way of confronting her. However I was determined to find out her reasons to why she acted that way in the morning. "What are these questions? Go ahead, ask." She said with a calm and confident tone as she stood there with her arms akimbo. 

"Who are you? Like, I know your name but how do YOU know me?" I asked, trying not to be too hard on her and seem like some bully who is really sadistic.

"Didn't we meet in class?" Aria answered. It would seem like a normal answer to someone else but I wasn't a dumb idiot to realise that wasn't the right answer that I was looking for. 

"No, No! Before that. I'm pretty sure we haven't met anytime before. So who are you?! I don't remember meeting you before this day!" I said with a little more energy. I was slightly agitated and was getting pretty impatient but I had to wait.

She looked at me with an astonished expression which clearly surprised me. "You don't remember? That's a very rude thing to say! How could you have forgotten me?" She said. She seemed to be trembling as her expression changed into a really sad one. Great, now I'm doubting my actions and feeling like I'm clearly the bad guy.

"I'm so sorry, I didn--" She interrupted me as she kept talking. Well, la-di-ho! I'm here, trying to be nice to you and you just refuse the offer? Thanks a bunch!

"Don't you remember that time..?" Aria said, her voice slightly timid now. But that was all I could remember. My ears became numb and I could hear nothing. Everything sounded fuzzy and my senses also became numb. A smile lined the other female's lips when she finished and gave me a hug. After that, she simply walked away.

"Wait... what?" Was all I could question. My knees became limp as I sat down in utter shock. For the whole day, that was the only thing I could remember. Her words. Nothing.... else. 

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