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A grain of sand: Extra story of 'Under the same sun'

Some stuff to know before you start: 

"When Leia is talking in her head"
"When the little girl in talking with Leia (in her head)"



Ice cold winds that drifted from the air above the sea and blew through my hair, combing it gently. It was a lonely winter evening and I was sitting on the cool sand on the beach. I should have gone home, but I didn't. I didn't feel like it. A grain of sand is so minuscule and the sea in front of it is so vast. Wondered, recently did, about a thought that was long forgotten. ‘How much do you really amount to in this world?’ A question that I honestly never thought to come back to 10 years later.
“I really should just stop thinking about it.” I said to myself. No one was around except a few insects that kept me company and some crabs that kept looking for a shell. I had lost the feeling of feeling lonely long time ago, but my childhood self still has some issues to resolve, and this is one of those. 

I dug my chin into my knees softly; my arms wrapped around my legs as I brought them really close to my body. A coat in this chilly weather? Didn't bring one. Maybe wear some long sleeved shirt? Didn't do that either. So, basically, I was out in the cold with a half sleeved shirt, a sleeveless on top of that plus a jeans pant. So, basically again, I was in summer time mood where as my body cried in the cold and got it’s tears frozen due to the freezing temperature.

‘Am I the same as a grain of sand?’ I thought. I knew it wasn't a healthy thing to do. I tried not to be bothered by it but those rational thoughts were always kicked out of my internal mental ‘consideration’ system because my heart apparently wants ‘emotional’ thoughts instead. Darn you, heart. No wonder women are so complicated. 

A voice spoke in my head.
“I’m so tiny…”

‘Ah… It’s her.’ I thought to myself, realizing it’s my inner child from a long time ago. I always wonder why she is so lonely at times when people around love her so much.
“…Why am I so tiny…”

‘She isn't tiny at all… Was I really this selfish when I was younger?’ I thought once again. I have been through a lot; bullying, peer pressure, family fights. But those no longer happen now. I’m happy. Right?

“LEIA! What are you doing there?!” 

A husky male voice interrupted my thought train. Being naturally surprised, I flinched and immediately turned my head to take note of who it was. As expected, it was my brother, Ryan. “Do you know how cold it outside?! And here you are, without a jacket or anything!” He shouted from the road behind me. I sighed heavily and checked that my heart had nothing to worry about because real talk here, that gave me a heart attack; a mini one in the least. Ryan, who was clearly a mix between concerned and angry, ran down the sandy slope from the road and towards me with a jacket and scarf in his hands. Realizing that it would be best to stand up and be kind to my brother, I stood up and proceeded to questioning him, “Why are you he--” before I could even finish my short sentence, Ryan started shouting again. “Do you know how worried we have been?!” He said, his eyes were fierce and filled with worry, as he wrapped the jacket around me and made me wear it. He then held my hands tightly as his lips formed a frown. “…They are so cold…” He said, his voice was soft and clearly spelled out ‘worry.’

I decided to ask him. She kept tugging on my leg, the small child that she was. She wanted me to tell her; I’m her only voice. So I did. “A grain of sand is so small.” “Huh?” He asked, confused about the sudden question. “It’s so small that its life doesn't even make that much of a difference compared to the sea.” I said, elaborating what I meant as she loosened her tug but still had her grip on my leg. Ryan watched my facial expressions, keeping quiet for a while. It was an awkward silence that enveloped us. That was, until he sighed heavily. I didn't quite understand his actions since he kept quiet once again till he broke the tension between us when he flicked my forehead with his finger.

“Ow, Ow, Ouch!” I cried in pain, holding my forehead with my two hands immediately.

“To the grain of sand, it is the center of it’s life. It is the main event and the biggest thing to it.” He said, his calm tone kicking in. “Huh?” I asked, now making it my turn to be the confused one. “Same goes for you. You are the center of your life.” He said. Of course I knew this. So, I gave him a reproachful look, questioning him of his answer. “But, you are also the center of our lives and Mom’s and Dad’s lives.” My eyes widened. I never expected such an answer from him. Never did I ever anticipate, that my brother, Ryan, would say something like that. “So, let’s go home. Mom’s made lasagna.” He said quietly. I began to smile.

I looked down at the childlike me, smiling at her, as I communicated with her.

“You got your answer, Princess?”


She smiled, slowly letting go of my leg. A new type of happiness flooded my heart. I felt like I’ve been reborn. So I smiled as well and turned towards Ryan. 

“Hey, Ryan!” I called out to my brother who was walking slowly and taking small steps for god knows what reason. “Yeah?” He said, turning his head around to meet my eyes. “First one home gets two pieces of lasagna!!” I shouted at him, with a huge happy grin on my face, and started running, climbing the slope and onto the road. Ryan stood there, shocked for a while. “Huh-- Wait a minute!!”After he realized, he started running as well, being right behind me as I ran towards our house. “That’s cheating!!” He shouted, being happy that his sister smiled again after a week of just sulking. “I made the challenge!!” I shouted back, living my life at that moment and not caring about worries.

Because I knew very well.

didn't have to question it anymore. 

Crystal Wings, Episode 5: An odd new friend

It was a peaceful morning. Undisturbed were the birds as they chirped to the beautiful morning that awoke and greeted them. Mother nature has always been gentle when she’s happy. But even the gentlest of greetings could never have prepared the birds and small animals around for the sudden uproar in the house of the Mackenzie’s.


The alarm’s absolute fury was witnessed and felt by none other than myself. How, you may wonder. Simple. Because of a cruel yet sweet-freaking-psychological-mental-archer of sadism who decided it was good idea to wake me up by putting my alarm clock right next to my friggin’ ear and break both my ear drums and my dreams into shattered and torn pieces. “THE HELL CHRISTINE-- HAVE YOU GONE NUTS!?” Furious and just unable to speak due to the sudden shock I just received, I sat up and pointed my finger at my personal maid and best friend, Christine, who was ready and set to go. “I COULD HAVE DIED FROM A HEART ATTACK!” I yelled, or rather, whined. “But you didn’t. So it’s all good in the hood.” She replied and placed my uniform on my dresser. “No it’s definitely NOT.” I continued with my point but Christine, as always, just ignored my attempts of trying to catch her attention. “You’re gonna be late if you keep going on. Be down in 10 minutes.” She said and walked out, slamming the door behind her and leaving me dumbfounded. “Oh yes,” of course, she returned, opening a bit of the door and poking her head through, “Good job on waiting up early.” She said and moved away, closing the door and walking downstairs.

In a rage, I clenched my fists and took up my pillow, throwing it at the door with all my might and shouted, “DAMN YOU CHRISTINE!!!” With that one tiny roar, the birds around the house fled to a quieter spot as neighbors were awoken by something that they have no idea of.

Of course, I wasn’t particularly happy at all. To put it in perspective, my mood at that point was a pass for happy to Christine and an ‘okay’ to my dad. However, to me, I was super annoyed and sleepy. But I had to let it go and get changed into my uniform. That thought literally made the ‘let it go’ soundtrack from the movie ‘Frozen’ start playing in my brain to which, as a person trying to be happy, started to sing along with it. Judging by the way Christine reacted to this, I was probably singing one of the most annoying songs of the year. Can you blame her? Youtube (or to be more specific, it’s users) has mostly been the reason why Christine can’t handle the song anymore.

“Maria! It’s time for breakfast!” Christine called out from downstairs as the smell of the lasagna that she made travelled into my room. I flinched to the smell and quickly packed my school bag, fixed my tie and ran downstairs to dig in to the meal from heaven known as Lasagna.

Fast forward and we’re in one of the school’s many hallways. However, this one leads to our classroom, of course. We were also with our new friends that we met along the way. “Did you see the new advertisement for that new perfume that’s already really popular?” Kiri asked, being the chirpy girl that she was, who was also into fashion just like me. “They got popular that quickly? Like, do you mean, in a month or a week?” I asked, pretty baffled on how that could happen. Was it the smell or the feel of it and so many other questions just popped into my mind, waiting to be asked. It was normal stuff for me. Haruka rolled her eyes and tilted her head towards us, Kiri and I, who were shorter than her. “I don’t understand how you guys are so interested in stuff like that. Kiri once sprayed some perfume on me and I just couldn’t take it. I kept coughing. It was too strong for my senses.” She said and turned her head to look at where she was going. “Yeah right. You’re the only one who thinks like that in our group, Haru.” Kiri answered back and gave a ‘hmph’ at the end of it. “Ha! Akane agrees with me on this, right Akane?” Haruka said with a prideful laugh and looked at Akane. Surprisingly enough, Akane nodded and said, “Perfumes irritate my nose a lot,” with her ever so sweet and soft pitched voice. “Hmm.. That’s surprising.” Christine commented as I and Kiri just stood there with our jaws dropped. Unable to control their laughter, Christine, Haruka and Akane started laughing with their own ‘laughing’ style to which I and Kiri were embarrassed and decided to be on our guard and not get owned the next time by the all clever Haruka.

We reached the class, continuing with our jokes and being seen as the loudest group in the whole class. But even then, the sight of the blue haired girl who is the class rep will always make me zip my mouth. And that was exactly what happened. As soon as I stepped into the class, I noticed her and immediately became alert. Like, come on. Who wouldn’t be able to find a blue haired girl who shines amongst the majority of students with black hair that were really fond of her? It’s so obvious. And so was the reason I was acting like a mouse and trying hard not to be noticed by Aria. I could feel the reproachful gaze that my friends had on me as I crawled to my seat.

The school was probably in my favor because Aria was almost about to see me but the school bell rang and the teacher arrived, starting another day of school. 

Confronting Aria is something I would never do. Or so I thought when my thought train decided to take a detour all of a sudden. Confronting her would lift this heavy weight of doubt from my shoulders. But I’m a chicken, let’s face it. How on earth will I confront her after the impression that she has given me? I guess I’ll have to forget and forgive, right? My eyes stared into space but my head’s position made the teacher think I was listening to her. That was good. Or else I would have become minced meat by now. As I kept thinking and pondering upon this decision that I curse my thought train for, I tore a small piece of paper from my notebook and decided that it was enough thinking or else I would have a bald head instead and that would be a huge fashion crisis. I wrote a simple message on the chit that said, ‘This is Maria. Meet me at recess on the roof.’ I didn’t want to scare her nor seem awfully happy by using emoticons so I made it short and sweet. ‘This will be easy,’ I thought. But of course, it wasn’t and sending a chit proved to be more difficult than I thought. Here’s how it went:

First attempt: I attempted to ask the person in front of me to pass the chit but from what I saw, he was a huge fan of Aria and also a nerd that blatantly refused my request. I tried again, it was failure.

Second attempt: We were seated much differently now because right after break of the previous day, we changed our seats in a way that Aria now sat in the front where as I and my friends were in the back. So, naturally, I asked Christine who was beside me to pass the note but she didn’t listen to it and refused the request because of a body known as the teacher.

Third attempt: Great. 2nd period started. Seeing this as a chance, when everyone stood up and greeted the teacher as she left, I walked towards Aria and was about to hand the note to her but was caught by none other than my chemistry teacher. I froze and pretended to cough while picking up the chit, crumbling it and throwing it into the dustbin. That should have decreased her level suspicion of me.

Fourth attempt: I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything to try and send Aria the chit so I gave up on doing so for the 2nd period. Why? The Chemistry Teacher had her dart board on me with her imaginary darts to throw at me when she gets a chance to catch me red handed.

Fifth attempt: Biology was the subject of the period and seeing this as an opportunity since our biology teacher was super sweet, I tried throwing the chit to Aria which hit someone else and that someone else just crumbled the piece of paper and threw it in the bin while ever so slightly sending a death glare at me.

Sixth attempt: 4th period. This was not okay at all. So, being really tired, I gave it my all for this try and it was Maths so I was dying as well because Algebra and Trigonometry are my arch-enemies. I asked Haruka to send the chit and she did, which helped me so much since now I wouldn’t have to awkwardly ask her in break. But, I was more nervous than before. Goodness.

Those were my 6 attempts and now, I’m just really tired. Aria did get the chit. She opened it and grinned a bit. Of course, I didn’t know that since I was trying to write with my now lifeless body. Aria took her pen and started to scribble down her reply, sending the chit back to me. “Huh?” I questioned as I saw a piece of familiar paper on my desk. It was my chit. ‘A reply?’ I thought and straight away opened it, reading the reply that the bluenette sent to me. She agreed. And somehow, this wasn’t pleasant news. Or at least it didn’t felt like it.

Recess arrived and so did a rush of tension and anxiety that paralyzed my whole body for a few seconds. I looked over, and noticed that the blue haired beauty was gone. ‘Did she leave already?’ I thought, looking around to confirm my suspicion. I sighed heavily and stood up, grabbing my sandwich and walking out of the classroom. However, I didn’t notice that I was acting bizarre and this odd behavior caught not only Christine’s attention, but also Akane’s attention.

I made my way to the rooftop. Of course, I didn’t know the actual way to the roof top so I had to ask several people while I went to the ‘meeting place’. Skipping all the awkward glances and confusion I got from the people I asked and from the people I didn’t ask, tripping once every 20 steps due to my anxiety levels that slowly rose and the occasional sweat drop that threatened my make-up, I finally made it to the ‘meeting place’.

“What took you so long?” Aria asked as soon as I step foot on the tiled floor (or roof?) of the roof top. “….Navigation problems.” I said rather awkwardly, closing the door behind me. “What is it that bothered you so much that you wanted to talk to me personally?” Aria said, a slight grin on her face. At that spot, I could feel embarrassment creeping over my whole body. I just had to say it. I had to relieve the tension that soured through my body. I didn’t want it to bother me any longer than it already did. So I told her. In a rather, ahem, fast paced and awkward manner.

“I’m sorry but I can’t return your feelings and it’s like if you wanna be my sister it’s fine but I hardly know you and I just met you and it’s really odd like I understand how it feels to have a person who you want to be sisters with just reject you but I seriously can’t and maybe we can start out as friends or something because I really don’t want a friend who is a sister right now and I’m so sorry. I hope you will forgive me!!” I said in a quick and fast paced manner with absolutely no breaks to breathe in between. My cheeks became red with embarrassment and it was just not okay for me. I even had difficulty breathing for a few moments.

“….That was a really long run-on sentence.” That was all Aria said before bursting into laughter. I mean like, literally, bursting into laughter. She even had tears in her eyes! Am I really that funny or am I just stupid?

“I didn’t mean it in that manner!” She said, after her laughing session neared it’s end. “I was just teasing you since you interested me and also because you’re English, just like me.” She said, calming herself down before I started to nervously laugh. Then, my friends interrupted us. Apparently they heard everything and I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. “This is what you were so worried about.” Christine commented, being the first to be revealed as the rest followed. Akane just stared blankly at me, Kiri had a hypothetical question mark above her head and Haruka was her usual happy-go-lucky self.

“So, friends?” Aria asked all of a sudden, breaking the awkward silence we fell into.

“Huh?” I questioned. I was confused at this point and my brain was also guilty since it released a brain fart.

“Didn’t you say we would start out as friends?” She asked once again. She walked towards me, a smile on her face and extended her hand as a sign of peace. There was no blood shed previously so I don’t quite understand the reason why I thought her actions even meant that way. Too much of History movies, perhaps.

“Ah—Yes! Sure! Why not!” Okay…. I probably put too much enthusiasm into that. We exchanged phone numbers after that and so did the rest of my friends.

“I’ll text you after school, alright?” Aria said, stepping into the stairwell. “Why don’t you come along with us after school?” Haruka suddenly suggested, still being very hyper. Aria simply nodded and walked away, as if she had a sudden thought hold.

We went back to class, or rather, ran back to class since we were late by 5 minutes. That was all for that day in school. However uneasiness still lingered within my body.

The time came and it was time to go home. We all reached safely and I went through my normal routine.

9PM that day.

Christine and I thought it would be a good idea to finish dinner early and have a weekday movie night. It was time to watch ‘The Conjuring’ and it’s based upon a real story so basically, I was wrapped in my blanket and digging my face into Christine’s shoulder the whole entire time. 30 minutes into the movie, Aria messaged me, making my phone ring violently which made me scream. Come on, there was so much tension that I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw ghosts.

“Answer it.” Christine said with an annoyed tone, using the remote and pausing the movie.

“…Fine.” With a small pout, I decided to answer to the sudden message. Why did I do so? Because Christine was literally shooting daggers at me with her eyes and because I didn’t want to sound rude.

This is what Aria’s message said: Hello. I hope I’m not disturbing you. Well, I hope we can get along as friends. See you tomorrow at school. C:

Quite straight forward. That actually caused me to lift an eyebrow since I always thought she was a nerd or something but this message definitely stated otherwise. I started typing my answer down as Christine peeped every 5 seconds. I seriously took too long to reply.

This was my reply: Hello! :D No, you aren’t. : ) I think we will get along pretty well. See you tomorrow! :D

Too many emoticons. But that’s me. I sent her the reply and was done with it. I kept my phone down and snuggled back into my blanket. “Alright then. Now, please don’t scream.” Christine said, resuming the movie. “I’ll try..” I said with cracks in my voice because I couldn't help but be nervous. We continued our night with me screaming and not being able to sleep that night whereas the bluenette went to sleep thinking about something less sinister but something that would involve us all. Sooner or Later. 


Crystal Wings: Episode 4 - Friendly Reminder

 "Through the phone"


 ‘What does she mean…?’ It lingered, that single thought. My feet walked and carried the weight of my whole body as my thoughts wandered elsewhere. “Hey! Watch where you’re going!” A lady shouted at me as I bumped into her. “…Sorry.” My voice was soft and it hardly reached anyone’s ear drums except the lady’s who I bumped into. She scoffed at me and continued with her day. I knew where I was going, I was going home. I knew the way, I knew Christine wasn’t with me. I knew all that. Yet, I felt that I wasn’t even on that road as I walked back home, I felt like I was back at school, still thinking about the things Aria said.

And then suddenly, a familiar ringtone interrupted my thought train. I reached for my phone and saw who it was, it was Christine. ‘Oh yeah! I didn’t notify her…’ I thought, swiping the accept call button and enabling Christine to get through. “Hello? Maria?” Christine’s voice came through which calmed me down to some extent. Hearing her voice was comforting, except when she is really angry. All hell breaks loose if that ever happens, trust me. “Yeah. What is it?” I answered her, a smile across my face. “Everything alright? Are you going back home?” She asked. Was she always this caring or is my brain malfunctioning? “I’m fine. I’ll go back home by myself. You go have fun and come home later.” I said and started to walk again. I wouldn’t want to reach home late. I still have to do homework. “….Did you run into trouble with Aria?” She hit it. She literally hit the nail on the head. Is she some psychological mental archer? How is she THAT accurate? “N-Nothing like that. Don’t worry! Go have fun! Anyway, I have to go now. I’m hanging up.” I stuttered, didn’t I? I did. Like, a tiny bit. Dammit, she already knows, most probably. “Huh? Okay then. Bye.” Without asking further into the topic, the psychological mental archer black belt and I mutually hung up without making it too awkward for the both of us. 

After some time of walking, I raised my head up and saw the gate of my house. I was back. Opening the gates, closing them behind me, walking to the front porch and opening the door was all something I would do in a hurry so that I could get some rest. But I didn’t feel tired today. I closed the house door behind me and walked upstairs to my room, putting my bag on my bed and proceeding with my shower. ‘Shower first…’ I thought and removed my clothes and got into the shower. It’s pretty much the same thing all over the world; the same shower routine. After my shower, I stepped out of the steam filled bathroom and changed into my tank top and a pair of shorts.

‘Maybe I’ll go watch some T.V…’ With that thought, I used a clip and clipped my hair up and walked downstairs to the living room where we watch T.V. I’m not that familiar with the house but I am familiar with it to some extent. “Good thing we have a dish cable set instead of the ordinary cable set.” I said and flopped on my couch, grabbed the remotes, turned the T.V on and surfed through the channels. “I’ll watch whatever is on FOX for now.” I said to myself, selecting the mentioned channel and reclining in my seat, ready to watch.

Or so I thought.

My mind kept drifting to the school, when I stopped Aria and heard something I shouldn’t have. I don’t get why it bothers me to this extent when it normally shouldn’t. It’s normal to think that much about a single topic, right? Or am I just over thinking this? I don’t know what it is, but she really doesn’t give off a good vibe, well, at least at that time when she said that.

My eyes stared off into space. I was watching the T.V in front of me. Anyone would think so too. Yet, I wasn’t there. I was calculating how we ended up meeting each other in such bizarre situations. It almost seems too cliché to be just a measly coincidence. Right?

 Christine leaned against the wall behind the T.V, in complete view. However, I was not physically present in that room and even Christine knew about it. Wouldn’t a normal person stop day dreaming as soon as they heard some sounds like a person coming home or something? Well I obviously am not normal in that category. Christine rose an eyebrow and walked towards me after a few minutes of waiting for me and observing me. Like any normal person, she first tried the ‘wave-your-hand-infront-of-their-face’ method. She first waved her hand in front of my face in a slow pace and I gave a normal, ‘No I do not see your hand I’m still dreaming’ response. Then she proceeded with waving her hand furiously in front of my face and I rejected her again with a ‘What do you think I’m doing? Thinking? Day-dreaming? Nope. I’m day dreaming thinking.’ Christine, who was just plain-over the top-annoyed by that refusal, decided to use her ultimate weapon. Cracking her knuckles, she held my cheeks and with one go, stretched them.

“OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!” I sprang up from my reclining position to my normal sitting position which just made the stretching worse. “Awake at last?” Christine asked with a sarcastic tone that was so intentional. Whining, I responded with my cheeks still stretched. “Yes, Yes!! I’m abake, I’m abake!” Christine, having felt satisfied with the answer, let go of my poor and now swollen cheeks.

“What’s wrong? You clearly didn’t sound fine when I talked to you through the phone.” She asked. I knew she was going to ask. I never anticipated that she would ask that quickly. Damn she’s fast. “Nothing. It’s fine. Nothing to worry about.” I replied and turned around to look at Christine who stood behind the couch. “Are you sure?” She asked once again, her eyebrows slightly narrowed and her arms akimbo. “Yep.” I smiled back at her, not wanting her to worry over me just because I think too much. Christine stared at me for a while and then sighed, turning around and heading for the bathroom. “I’m gonna go take a shower.” She said and walked up to her room to get the clothes and head off to the bathroom. “Hmm.” I said in accordance to what Christine just said, agreeing to her. “I better go finish off my homework…! And I totally forgot about it!” I exclaimed, finally realizing that I did have some work to finish off. I ran to my room and started to write all the notes I missed plus the homeworks till date.

“Looks like Maria is doing her homework..” Christine said to herself as she walked outside of the bathroom, after her relaxing bath and continuing with her routine of cooking me dinner. Christine walked to the kitchen and decided to make some spaghetti with meat because, of course, I love it. Also because both of us were starving and that’s the only thing Christine could come up with on an empty stomach.

One hour later.

‘I smell it.’ My inner monster that absolutely loves spaghetti became alert. The smell of tomato sauce and hot spicy meat reached to the upper floor and through the key hole of my door that finally reached my nostrils. ‘Can it be…?’ I asked myself, the aroma is just like it but is it really…. Spaghetti? My anxious self finished the homework long ago and couldn’t concentrate on my studies anymore. And so was my stomach. My stomach let out a growl as I closed my text book and confirmed that it was dinner time. Like a hungry predator, I ran out and down the stairs to my dinner plate. “Is dinner ready?” I asked, peeping from the wall before the dining room. Christine, who noticed the weird behavior, chuckled and nodded. “Yep. The plates and everything is set up. Go wash your hands before you eat.” She said with a smile. Yup, that’s it. Spaghetti, here I come!! ….that is, after I wash my hands. I walked over to the sink and washed my hands in a rush before sitting down at the table. “Thank you for the food!” I said and dug right in like a hungry lion. “Where did you learn that from?” Christine asked suddenly, pointing out to my saying before I started my meal. “Oh, that? Our friends said that before they started eating so I thought it was a pretty good thing to do and did so myself.” I responded with muffles and spaghetti in between some words. “Is that so..” Christine said and started to eat. She might have told the same saying in her mind but how would I ever know what does on in that brain of hers.

“You know…” Christine suddenly started, making me confused and thus giving a muffled reply, “Yeph?” “I’m always there for you. If you need anything, you don’t have to hesitate. I don’t insist you to tell me immediately. Tell me when you get the courage to or when you feel you have enough faith in me. Either way, I won’t brush you off no matter what. Alright?” She said, looking up from her plate and into my eyes. I stared back, naturally. However, I gave off a chuckle after a while. “I know, dummy. Don’t worry about it~” I said casually, waving my hand and reassuring her that it was no big deal. But don’t get me wrong, I did take her words seriously. Christine, in turn, gave off a tiny laugh and continued with her eating. After a while, we both were done and our stomachs were happy and full.

“Maria, It’s your turn to wash the dishes.” Christine said and gave me a ‘you-know-you-aren’t-getting-away-this-time’ look to which my face just became slightly pale. “….fine.” I accepted the task and walked to the kitchen with short strides and a pouty face. “I’ll go do my homework till then.” Christine said and walked away to her room, leaving poor me with the dishes.

After all the dishes were done, it was time to go to sleep. It was around 10 PM and I could literally feel my body just falling asleep while I was washing the dishes. “Maria, it’s time to go to sleep!” Christine called out to me which seemed all too obvious to be true. “Yeah Yeah. I’m turning the lights and T.V off, just wait.” I replied and proceeded to turning the lights and applications in the ground floor off. I left the A.C on so it wouldn’t feel really humid the very next day. As I climbed the stairs and walked to my room, I saw Christine leaning on the wall next to her room. “You better wake up the next morning or else I’ll make you do the ALS Ice bucket challenge without you needing to accept it.” She said as her arms akimbo. Wow, either she is joking or she’s really serious because her expressions tell me that it’s in between the two assumptions I made. “Yes Ma’am..” I said and walked away to sleep and so did Christine. Thus, the two of us ended that night with us going to sleep, tired and ready for the next day.