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Crystal Wings, Episode 6:

Hello everyone! I might stop posting this here and on my wattpad instead. I just feel it's better. So, whenever I update, I'll post a link here with a weekly drawing or something. I felt this blog will be better with my articles of various stuff, short stories, poems, photographs and drawings.


Anyhow, here is the update. Enjoy!

Warning: Only for +13



Rain poured down heavily that day.

People rushed to get some coverage from the down pour; a normal instinct of a human being.

“Shit! It just had to rain today!”

A bluenette grumbled under her breath, running towards the nearest mall she could find. The hood that she wore covered her from a tiny percentage of the rain which could be labeled as ‘negligible’. The water splashed as she ran across tiny puddles on the foot path which drenched the portion of her pants below her knees. Sounds of the rain descending from the clouds mixed with car sounds and the footsteps of people running, filling her ears with constant knew information from her surroundings.

Her eyes scanned the area and landed on a shelter goldmine that was much closer; a shop that was closed with an extended roof.

“Thank heavens!” She heaved a sigh of relief. She changed directions and ran to the shop, reaching it before another drop of falling water could hit her. She sat under the extended roof and tried to regain her breath. Alone, she was, under that shelter while everyone else ran for the crowded areas like malls and such. The bluenette would have preferred to have been alone either way.

s soon as she caught her breath, she reached for her pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. She placed one in her mouth and held it with her lips, before taking out a lighter.

“Finally.” She said with a slightly muffled voice. She used the lighter and lit her cigarette, taking the cigarette out to release a small cloud of smoke.

“Ah, it increased.” The words left her lips, noticing the increase in the cloudburst. Her vacant eyes weren’t amused. Rather, she was pretty exhausted and plenty annoyed. She took another puff. The smoke that came out slowly rose to the air, mixing with the smoke from cars and acid from the rain.

Smoke after smoke, rose to the air and dissipated, but the bluenette’s eyes didn’t budge. She kept staring into space; her mind wandering, never lost.

Silence seeped in amongst the sound of falling drops that fell with great intensity.

She sat comfortably, legs crossed with her jeans on.

Another puff; but mind wandered. Her thoughts were like the puffs of smoke that left her lips, dissipating with time.

“A teenager like you shouldn’t be here in a place like this.” A hoarse & low pitched voice interrupted the bluenette’s silence. She looked up; her head tilted upwards to meet the eyes of the intruder. Her eyes rolled, knowing the identity of the stranger.

“What is your purpose, old man?” She asked sternly, her eyes watching the rain.

The man smiled, “I took a pretty good picture of you from that other shop.” He said, pointing with his thumb to the shop that was a few buildings down the road. “I should get credit for clicking such an amazing photo.” He looked back at the bluenette, his smile plastered on his face.

“Dream on,” replied the blue-haired mystery, turning her gaze away and taking her cigarette out from her mouth and throwing it into the rain.

Silence dropped in again. The man sighed after a while of being ignored by another human. He sat down beside her and reclined to relax himself. The female stopped for a moment, glancing at him before rolling her eyes and raising a brow at his behavior.

“What?” She spoke.

“One more picture.”

He looked at his camera and then at the not-so-happy girl. A wide, but innocent smile appeared on his face, causing the bluenette to show a face of comical disgust. Her patience was running thin and she knew that this male would not leave her even if she were to throw daggers at him.

“Will you leave if I agree?” She asked, doubtful of whether to accept or decline.


“And not pull any strings this time?” She added.

“I’ll leave with your picture and you can return to your smoking.” The man said, chuckling a bit at what the bluenette said. The teen stared at the male before returning her gaze to her previous activity.

“Go ahead.”

The male nodded and snapped one photo, as promised. He soon got up with his umbrella and opened it.
“Thank you.” He said, walking into the open.

“I don’t need it.” The female teen replied. She thought the man was gone and was relieved to see him leave. A soft exhale left her mouth as she saw the shadow on the ground, that belonged to the male, slowly disappear.

“Oh yeah. You might want to consider quitting.”
With those words, he left.

It took a moment or two to register what he had said. But she knew it all too well. Better than him in fact.
It was never her fault. But she thought it was. To her, she both hated and loved her other self. It was like; the person in the mirror came to life.

She didn’t like that. She didn’t want it to exist.

But she could do so less.

So, she changed; Completely. 

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